Readers Want Me to Compare Countries

If you read the comments from the older post, the prior one, titled “Should I compare Countries?” I would say, the readers have said,
“Yes, Andy we want you to compare countries.”

To say you cannot compare something is anti-intellectual, it is a Political Correct form of statement, it stops freedom of speech.

Daily Readers want Comparisons
I knew this, the daily readers want me to compare and contrast countries, and this is why they like to read this Travel Journal. I am not going to stop, but I do forfeit about 99 percent of the potential readers. I would make a lot more money if I did not compare or contract countries.

Why People do not Want Comparisons
9999 people out of a 1000 readers who find my site are expecting me to tell them great things about a country, they want to be encouraged to buy a tour. This is what they were searching for, this is not what they get, and this makes them angry. They wanted to be sold a tour, why would you write information that discourages me from buying my ticket, I have made up my mind, help reaffirm this decision.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Monday, January 4, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

I will make generalizations that people hate, I will stereotype a whole culture, and I will say the complete opposite of what the world believes. I will tell you exactly what I believe, regardless of the reader’s feelings --- or hate mail I will receive from people who lives in that country. I could be thrown in prison in some countries, if they knew I was inside the country writing about it, freedom of speech is only a USA thing, and the other countries will burn me at the stake.

I want to be true to myself, I cannot understand why Travel Writers feel compelled to lie.

When readers become very angry at my honest opinion, I realize why the founding fathers make Freedom of Speech a right. The average person just does not seem to understand… I am searching for a better world, not just another way to make a fast buck.

Readers Want me to Compare Countries