Rain is Not Good Weather for Travelers

I am worried. It was beautiful all day. Now it has started to rain.

I spent the whole day wrapping up business stuff. I got my Visa for India. I got a place ticket to leave Heathrow on Monday morning and arrive at 3:45 the next morning, Tuesday in Bombay. So the business is done. But my photos?

I only have Fridays, Saturday, and Sunday to take photos of London. What if the stories about England are true. Like the sun never shines and it is always cloudy. I have to admit. It has been very nice weather so far. Now it starts to rain.

I am a slow study. I have finally chosen a few places to visit and it rains. I am counting on one of the next three days as being nice. I am conservative. Three days and my odds are good. Lots of travelers visit a city or have a city on their agenda for one day. Now that is a big gamble in Europe. It does rain a lot in Europe. That is why I keep trying to plan to stay in places for a 10- 30 days. Guarantees I enjoy the place and have enough good weather to see the sights.

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