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QUITO ECUADOR 2005 in South America

Wednesday May 4, 2005 5:10 AM

I am in Quito, Ecuador and hoping to change the melody of my travels in South America, time to feel a different channel on this television.

Quito has changed a lot in the last few years, however I cannot explain so easily, the neighborhood is different where I am staying. Now there are few Indigenous or Quechua characteristics and more of the Ex-slave or African Heritage people.

I am going to observe for a couple of days; however, my instincts tell the changes are not better here in the older parts of Quito. There are two major centers of Quito, the new and the old, and travelers more or less can choose.

90 percent of the time, I choose the older sections of any city I wish to visit. The modern areas are easy, convenient, and cleaners, probably safer, however it only makes life less interesting. The architecture in modern cities is boring and predictable, sometime outrageously flashy, however for me lacks any true character. Stale and bleak, like most faceless cities. I enjoy the haphazard manner of a city that was create with no master design, accommodating the horse and cart paths of a time long past.

I met a man from the Netherlands and we shared dinner, he said is name is Swedish and he is very well traveled. He works as a business analysis for a German Utility company. I caught my self saying,
“It is nice to hear you describe your job.’
He said,
“Why, because I have a normal job.”
I said,

So few of the travelers along the path have an defined life, they are more searching and confused, only defined by what they do today or tomorrow no long term substance.