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Problems to Sell Stock Photos Online

I have observed photographers for years all over this small planet with huge cameras costing thousands of dollars. Before I get going, I want to let you know, I have sold photos to a guidebook and made over 1000 dollars in the past, I also post photos on the internet and make money using the photos, in a way, I am a professional photographer in many ways.

Observation One: The big camera means nothing, it means they wanted to spend money on a big camera, and in my opinion are rather stupid consumers.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Tuesday, April 27, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Generally, people with big camera want their photo taken; this camera is not that big, but for sure, the girl was happy to have her photo taken.

Problems to Sell Stock Photos Online?

Biggest Problem:
- I need to publish or FTP 5-30 Meg Photos to the internet from very difficult locations. If I am Africa, I need to publish them with a horrible internet connection that continually breaks.

Boy Genius assures me we can solve this problem.

Second Problem:
- Time, I know that 99 percent of the photographers work for about 10 cents per hour. I personally am not going to devote hours to something that does not pay.

Third Problem:
- Services that could sell my photos may charge me money, they make money and I never sell the photos. I had a friend talk about Pro

I am lost, so I pay for photo Hosting, another time thing, I can easily tell you, if you put all your photos on an internet page surrounded by Google Adsense ads you can make money and not need to pay.

I read that these to companies are the largest ones; they sell more stock photos than anyone does, but I do not know anyone that makes money by selling stock photos online. I know 1000’s of dreamers or true believers that one day believe they will get the big break.

This sexy girl is a good free model, and this is my problem, I know what readers want to read about….

The Dilemma
I can spend all my time pitching my photos, trying to sell my photos, or I can just make an internet page and start to make money with Google Adsense.

I know this, if I use these words:

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Well, the bottom line, I know what sells, and I know words that pay more, and I know if I use the words "Sexy Guatemala Girls," there is hoards of people out on the internet searching for these words and I can make money.

Solution to Selling Stock Photos Online
I believe we can muster up a system that allow me to continually FTP publish 10 Meg photos to the internet. I would then allow readers to comment on the photos, this would create photos with good captions, and they could use them, post them on Facebook, and send traffic. Generally, we could then sell the photos for about five dollars, and eventually we would learn what types of photos are sellable.

However, truthfully, I think photos that misrepresent the truth have the most value, and I am not in the business of misrepresenting the truth.

What type of photos sells, and do you really want to take photos of Weddings?

Problems to Sell Stock Photos Online


Filezilla is not a solution because it will allow fails to exist, a person must monitor this system and cannnot trust that all photos or files are completed.

We are looking to find an FTP system that compares directories, and very slowly if needed in Africa or poor internet countries will finish the job.

I checked this out and it not clear.

All these systems seems like a way to work for five years and never make money.