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Prepaid Flash Chip Broadband Internet is Here

2009-09-23 17:54:38

Prepaid Flash Chip Broadband Internet is Here
Happy Days are here, the world is finding an acceptable standard for Internet Access. Soon every small child will be sitting in the classroom downloading porn as the teacher talks, soon every person in the Philippines will be able to tell you about their sick family member and ask you need to send them money. It will be soon be up close and personal and you must trust them, you will be able see them with your webcam, this is too much fun.

The poor countries are leading the charge, Kenya is online, and now Globe Tattoo from the Philippine has joined the game, Internet with the use of a Flash Chip is here today. You will be able to sit in McDonalds consumed by your middle class guilt and send money with Western Union to Nigeria, say goodbye to expensive coffee in Starbucks say hello to McDonalds internet access.


Soon I can change hotels; I will not need to spend 1200 Pesos in the Manila to have internet in my hotel room. Soon I can say goodby to these drunken Australians smoking cigarette smoking men who need a 12 step program who sleep in a bar that doubles as a hotel adios.

I want to say goodbye, I can go live in a 500 Peso room, and I will pay half and have the same internet access. The cost per hour is 20 pesos, this will soon drop, I am sure, it is still rape priced.

I must pay double the cost to have rooms with Internet, I have a business folks, this is not a game, I need to make money to travel.

Yesterday, I purchased a Prepaid Globe Tattoo Internet Kit in the National Book Store in the Robinsons Mall. I need to be innovative, this device is the middle range, and it is half way between the Verizon BlackBerry Storm and having FREE high-speed Internet in my room.

USB Internet access in Siaya, Kenya, East Africa

I wrote a post about the future of Internet while in East Africa because Kenya is part of the future.
The Future of Internet Access

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Thursday, September 24, 2009
Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… Sold at three times the price, sorry.


This is a long and drawn out article explaining this, Travis sent me this link a couple of months ago, but considered it TMI, Too Much Information. A very good article, but not mainstream, when I was offered the Globe Tattoo Internet access kit in National Book Store, I knew it was becoming mainstream, and not just pay too much to be cutting edge, I want McDonalds level of Internet today, something the whole family can use to get on FaceBook and Twitter and see their daughter in a negligees trying to get a date with a Nigerian guy.

I paid 850 for to this girl, she said she got 100 Peso in commission, the moment I entered the story she pounced on my. I have the money, I have the computer, I have the ability to pay, and she qualified me correctly.

Here is the complete link, it will probably break in the future, these big companies do not know how to make or maintain pages, but for today, it still works.

I went to Robinsons Mall, I have been walking around to every bookstore I can find, I want to purchase the book “Culture Shock Philippines.” Go figure, they say it out of stock, even before they look, welcome to the Philippines. I will continue to enter the store and asking the same question on different days.

I thing this Globe Girl would do better to go to L.A. Café and sell these Kits. Expats cannot read, they are over-estimating the quality here, then need to get more basic, there is a Dunkin Donuts upstairs, go up there may chubby guys with midget women.

This is the future today folks, I can purchase internet access in a bookstore so I can stop reading books, but I cannot buy a book called about culture in the bookstore.

This is National Book Store in the Robinson Mall here in the dirty and nasty city called Manila. Wow, this place is a pigpen compared to San Fernando, La Union.

By the way Chuck, I truly was happier talking about walking around Robinson Mall before you told me about the Expats. I truly enjoy walking around a nice clean mall in the Philippines, anyway I do it, walking around in open-air markets in Africa or the Philippines is a half-slimy feeling.

Now, Chuck has told me about Expat and an Expat that goes to Cebu collaborated. I guess the Expats come to the Mall and walk around looking for hookers. They can pay half price and not buy the beer. I did not know this, I am sure readers thought I was talking in code, some perverted Philippines inside lingo.

I know there is some crazy sitting in an office cubicle in the USA, using the internet paid for by his boss to see a webcam of a Philippines girl. Now, with the help of Globe Tattoo you can have internet anywhere in the Philippines until you finally make your way towards your fantasy., and all the other Soap Opera sites will soon be available on your Smartphone and computer today, not tomorrow.

I on the other hand will be able to get on without interruption, and I can say goodbye to the Expats, go back to the Jungles of Africa and leave them to their Facebook Fantasies.

Note, I am not going to spend two weeks of my life searching for internet; I have no plans to live in the Philippines.

I paid 850 Pesos to collect this tip, someone hit the donate button, that is 17 dollars US you owe me… hehehe

I need to go to Africa; I am unable to keep my mouth closed here. I learn, I always learn, I learn too much, I learn information that is not needed, I observe, I do not stop thinking, I am not doing what you would do if you was here… hehehe

Prepaid Flash Chip BroadBand Internet is Here