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Possible Terror Attack Today

Today is December, 30, 2009, yesterday, I received on my Travel Blog, what I consider to be “Chatter.” I believe an Arabic speaking person, possibly from Iran is trying to tell the USA people.

USA people, you are going to die on December 30, 2009

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Wednesday, December 30, 2009
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

I posted the message I received at the bottom of this post for you to read.

About the Message
I was in the internet café when I received this message, it was December 28-29, 2009, about 9:00 am New York City time. I instantly see it as a warning, so I copied and pasted the whole message, whereby the USA government could intercept my Travel Post, and try to analyze and help increase the “Chatter” over internet.

Chatter is an increase in the amount of words related to each other. Allah Akbar alone means nothing, when use in conjunction with the USA adds to the sum. If you put in put in a future date is become more probable. This is about probability, I would say this is Chatter, this does not mean the person is a terrorist, it is just one instance. If for example, was an increase of noise like this across the internet, then the USA government should if smart enough, detect, and hopefully intercept this person. Normally a form does not have an IP address, we do this to stop the slow down the liars writing us.

Readers wrote:

Cicily Martinez wrote:
Allah Akbar means “God is great in Arabic.”

The person is “trying to make a statement.”

ANSWER: Yes, the person is trying to make a statement, but the “God is great in Arabic,” is technically wrong. This is “God is great in English.” The person is trying to speak to the English speaking world.

Chuck wrote:
After he did some research, which was good, he read the research, and in a way concluded this is “Islamic Spam.” Now, I am going to warn you, do not have contempt, before consideration here, just because you read the word “Spam.” do not discard it.

People spam for a reason, I receive about 10 advertisement per day in the same format daily. What happens is this, a tour company in Iran, India, Kenya, Syria etc. hires people to find Contact forms like this one and post a message:

Spam is normally an Email
This was not an email, a person came to my internet page, looked for the word Contact and sent this message to me. It is not spam, I solicited this contact, by having the “Contact Form” on my page, I have given an inferred permission, you have permission to write me. By putting the 1 + 2 = thing, I am saying, I am not going to allow a machine to do this.

I grant permission for you to write me for any reason, I do not guarantee I reply, but I believe I do read all of them.

Arabic Language
This was not an English speaker, let us assume this person speaks and writes Arabic, the alphabet is 100 percent different than the English alphabet. This person did very well, he got the words translated to English, he did the acronym U. S. A. correct, and he put the date backward, this is also a sign to me, in the US, we would put 10/30/09, he put
This is the custom of about three quarters of the planet, the USA is the odd one out.

Read the

What I read is this; I will translate what I read.
“Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!......USA 30/12/09!”
There are no spaces, try to read Thai language, or Arabic, there are no pauses.

I speak three languages, I do not speak Creole, here in Haiti, when I want to buy something, and I do not say 10 French words to a Creole speaking person. This would be 10 words of babble, I must simplify, I would say. “Hungry 10 Gourde.” Which mean, I want to eat that, I will give you 10 of the Haitian moneys called Gourde to purchase, I must keep it simple.

I see this “Allah Akbar!!!!!......USA 30/12/09”

What did I Read?
God is good; I want to tell the people on the USA about the future. Today is December 29. Well, on the December 30, 2009, in two days, my God will be good. I want you to listen to me, I am telling you, that on December 30, 2009, not today, God is good. My God is good, he is the one and only God, remember the date, December 30, 2009.

Why do people Spam?
Normally it is an advertisement, they want to make a statement, however, Spammers do not want you to think in the future, they want an immediate response, normally they want you to go to their webpage to buy something. They may want you to write an email back to them, whereby they can pitch you to buy something.

I do not know much about the Arabic Colander, the end of the Email domain name was .ru, I took this to me he thinks in terms of Russian Emails. There was an overwhelming credibility to this contact sent to me, which a person who did not speak English, was trying to tell the people of the USA a message.

I know my site; I know is written on it, I think the first page says,
“Andy Graham, a Citizen of the USA.

Do I try to contact Iran, yes, a lot, not just a little, a lot, but I this for 300 plus locations:


A person clicked on the contact form, and sent this to me today:

ID: 2720
Category: Question for Andy

Name: Allah Akbar!!!!!
Country: Iran
Telephone: 666666666

Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!
Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!......USA 30/12/09!

Website Name: Allah Akbar!!!!!
Website URL: http://

Detected IP Address:
Submitted Through:

Readers, I want to thank you for your comments on the prior post, I wanted an increase SEO density of words related to terrorism, whereby the USA government could hopefully find this message.

Congratulations, if you read the whole thing, tried to focus, you are probably in the one percent of people who could be a good spy, or own a large travel site full of incredible amounts of variables.

So how many credible threats does the USA receive per day? How many does the government stop?

Possible Terror Attack Today