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Port Salut Haiti by Tap Tap

I walked out the Orphanage this morning, flagged down a Moto or Motorcycle Taxi that took me on a tour of the city of Leogane, Haiti. Not really, a tour, but I said,
“I go to Les Cayes”

Haiti Moto or Motorcycle Taxi

I showed him a piece of paper Les Cayes written on it, and the Moto took me to three bus stop areas. First one appeared to be only for Port-au-Prince, the second was confused, and the third one he said,
“Wait here.”
He truly did not know which bus or Tap Tap went to Les Cayes, so I just allowed him to search for the proper bus area, I let the Moto Taxi person guide me. These conversations were not in English, a mix of French, sign language and intuitively knowing if a person says, “Les Cayes,” he is probably going to bus stop.

Port Salut - Les Cayes, Haiti - Monday, November 9, 2009
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Tap Tap or Machine, one form of public transportation in Haiti. See my bag in the front grill of this “Machine” or maybe a “Tap Tap,” I have believe they are called both, it is called a Tap Tap because you must Tap Tap to tell the drive to stop to let you off.

Map to Port Salut, I took a big Tap Tap to Miragoane, then change into a Toyota truck Tap Tap that took me to Les Cayes. I felt lazy, I found a Moto that took me the last 25 Kilometers to Port Salut where I am now located in the Port Salut Beach House for 10 Dollars per night.

This trip was easy, as normally, I never say the name of the bus stop, or anything that is specific; I just say the final destination and the conductors and chauffeurs draw me to my final destination.

I took a Toyota Tap Tap that I looked like this from Miragoane to Les Cayes.

I ate this Pom Kak and bribed the driver with a pack, he got mad because I took a photo of the front of the big Machine where I had my backpack, they do not like photos here in Haiti.

The road was excellent, but for this one detour, but the scenery was great so made up for the gravel road. The roads are the three abreast type, where a car can pass even when they are not supposed too.

Haiti is full of small mountains; the roads meander around them, truly, as soon as we cleared the over-populated city of Port-au-Prince this country is friendly and beautiful.

There appears to be many nice beaches in Haiti, I would bet the majority have almost zero people on them. I am still guessing, but I would suppose the rich people from Port-au-Prince come to the resorts with their girlfriends. I have already seen at least five United Nations Military bases, and I would suppose they too are bringing their girl friends to these resorts. In a way, they are hideaway resorts more than they are resorts.

I am rather screwed; it takes me about 30-45 minutes to walk from the Port Salut Beach House to anything. There is no electricity, my computer will die shortly, and I will publish this post using an HTC Touch Pro 2 with the Verizon Global Data connection. I hope to get this one post published, hang out and flirt with Nadine, a truly gorgeous girl who manages the Hostel. (She has yet to allow me to take her photo.) I will probably go back to Les Cayes in the morning and get back on my cultural tour of Haiti and out of these remote, you-got-to-have-a-car and bring you own babe resort area.

Port Salut Haiti by Tap Tap


One bag is between legs of moto driver, I loosen straps and allow bottom of 2nd bag to sit on rack yet is still on my back. Is this safe? No
Is Haiti safe? Probably but motor vehicles are dangerous. Safer than a bicycle.