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Port Barton Palawan Philippines Near Sabang

Port Barton Palawan Philippines
Friday December 9, 2005, 12:53 PM

I am in Port Barton; it is a small village on the West Coast of the one of the larger Islands called Palawan in the country of the Philippines. Port Barton is located between Sabang and El Nido more or less.

There is a maze to run here of when and when I cannot use the computer, Sabang and Port Barton have this 6:00 to 10-12 policy of Electricity, this means they only turn on the village generators at night. I think I am on the Hotel Generators presently and this is good, as the time is 12:57 in the early afternoon. I think they turn on the electricity here at 4:00 in the morning for Pearl workers; however the owner keeps us disconnected as she believe we do not need it. The reason it is a maze for me is that my usual computer work time is between 5-8 in the morning. The electrify is not on at this time so I am trying to work when the generator is running, which is now.

I am not sure if I like to type or blog or whatever I am doing, I do like to type when I feel like typing, I do not want to sit and rattle this computer because it is convenient. I want to rattle the computer when I feel the inspiration.

What got me started now is I wanted to view all the photos I took of the Underground River Caves of Sabang, plus to view if I captured any noteworthy photos of the boat trip between Sabang and Port Barton. Most of the photos are boring to me, however I am jaded, and I am here and saw the real thing, hard to impress myself with a photo. The critical problem presently with photos is rain; the weather is overcast, rain, then overcast, not a sunny disposition of feeling or views. More like looking through a cloud, hard to capture the feel of a cloud or haze, maybe in the future with a better camera I can begin on this photographing journey or lessons in trial and error.

Nonetheless, I am in Port Barton a nicer place after the semi-boring place of Sabang, the lights and streets are rolled up early in Sabang so hard to find a conversation worthy of being called a conversation.

Here in Port Barton you have a 90 percent male traveler to a 10 percent girlfriend with a male traveler ratio. Therefore, a good place to talk boy talk or hang around and drink beer if you drink which I do not and talk about girls. I just talk about girls and avoid the beer. I am not sure what the scoop is, however I guess the road between the major East Coast road and the West Coast over here is blocked because of construction created mud. The trip here by jeepney or van is blocked so about 50 percent of the people are missing, because of the bad road. The numbers of people are either over exaggerated or unexaggerated, however I doubt I well ever suss out the truth. To me if you want companionship here, you best bring it, UNLESS, you love to hang around with the boys on the stool at the corner of the bar, then you would be in Heaven.

I think there is some abnormal social behavior as all the younger pretty people probably rush for the city to do something, probably the girls go out to do something they will never tell their parents about and if they succeed, they will leave the country. I am not sure what the boys are up too, the cell phones, internet, and television has communicated to the world, there is a world out there and where you live is boring, so they all leave, go somewhere to a city.

I do not know, I have been talking a lot with Steve, I thought his name was Mike, however his name is Steve Something, I discovered he is working for Halliburton. I do not know how to spell, and frankly, I do not care. However, this company gets in all types of bad press because it appears that Chaney the Vice President has his fingers in the till, who knows and I am not caring. However good gossip, Steve says they are wasting taxpayers money, however he is cashing the checks obvious and is in a position of upper management, so I guess he is part of the problem.

I assume he would not like me typing this in my computer, and again who cares, he is assumptive that people listen to him. West Point blah blah corporate politically correct, and sort of demand we listen him because he already knows?.

He is just here for women as are most of the men here, I like women, however cannot say I am here only for women. I wanted to hang around Sabang, walk up, and find more pictures of the Water Buffalos and them drag type carts. However, the bottom line is a boat was arranged and I did not want to fight to find the next boat.

My game plan now is to hang our here and be bored, however content until about the 14th of December and because of the road I will try to leave then and go back to Puerto Princesa. I am 95 percent sure by hook or crook I can get back to Puerto Princesa in four days even if the road is really closed.

Everyone else is talking too much on leaving, I am trying to stay, and I see the place as fascinating. There are Pearl Farms of some form; this is going to take three days to figure out what is happening there. I think or hope the rain stops enough to explore better. There are too many boys or men hanging around trying to hook on to our good nature so they can make money. I need the normal people to come out of the house, the rain must stop, and they I can ask questions about the Pearl Industry. I can see it from shore and the woman Lucy at the Hotel says it employs 100 people, which is a lot, I do not think she is right, maybe 20-40, however I am guessing. 100 persons is a lot and the stick fence in the water around the Pearl Beds is small, I am hard pressed to see 100 persons scooting around.

Steve is very knowledgeable and extremely up on what is going with the Jobbers or what the Jobbers that work on Oil Rigs or in other country as labor are doing. I suppose the Halliburton Company is about this type of labor, however hard to say. I have seen many Jobbers, I am not sure what to call them, however they work in about 1-3 year stints in other countries and go on vacation to places like Sukumvit or Pattaya in Thailand and buy up all the women they can as fast as they can then go back to work.

There are many of them in the Philippines as probably more of a place to retire, as the type of girl is different here and more personal and not so much a money thing.

I have seen this person in Iquitos Peru, Ecuador, Northern Thailand, as I have never been to Pattaya I am just gossiping, however for sure Steve collaborates this is a place. The Vietnam War created some of these places, there is also the Japanese or Korean created places in the Philippines. Hmmm? I never thought about it however, Japan had a big force in the Philippines during the Second World War this is maybe the reason for the return of the Japanese tourist. Their great grandfathers probably are saying, great place to find women.

It is a great place to find women, however like Port Barton it also a great place for culture and other Island type adventures. I am losing my lay in the sun beliefs, maybe this place always has a cloud above it and it is more or a rain forest jungle place and not a beach place. I have not seen the bottom of the ocean so it is not Belize here; it is still a mucky water view of the bottom.

I am trying to find dry sand, not all beaches are the same and for sure, it is difficult for me to trust any travel writer when they say there is a beach.

I could talk for days maybe about the types of beaches, and laughingly all of the could be good beaches almost if they put in swimming pools? hehehe

OK, this beach does have some dry spots, however mostly some type of tide beach, the one in Sabang may have had see Urchins in the water, this makes swimming almost impossible as they will cut your feet. However, Port Barton I believe has sand bottom all the way out, there is some of it dry.

For me to enjoy a beach there has to be somebody on the beach in a Bikini, this means there has to be foreign girls because the Asia girls avoid the sun like the plague. To get a high enough quantity of foreign girls in one spot in the Philippines, I may have to go to the very touristy place of Boracay.

Am I barking up the wrong tree, is there some beaches I can enjoy in the Philippines, or do I need to two around a Philippines girl to not be lonely? I am not sure and of course this is just exploring in one way or another, the conversations in the Philippines are much more enlightening and interesting with the Expats here than I ever encounter with the Dread Headed Tattoo, Pierces bodies of Thailand, plus with a push there are some very interesting Philippines person to make friends with, while Thailand is great work. Mostly a language problem, however also a culture obstacle.

I will stay in Port Barton, hope the rain stops, try to go see the Pearl operation here and hopefully get brown. I cannot believe I can stay in the tropic this long and accidentally avoid the sun. You give me any nice place, a couple of bikinis and I will go lay in the sun, I am amiss, what is happening.

Port Barton is like Palolem Beach in Goa or closer, very big and wide, not real spectacular however does have the hanging palm trees and the boat, however missing all the people and the Expats large numbers.

I am fully aware that any place can change drastically, it is December 9, 2005, maybe another month the tide goes down, for some reason conventions of Swedes come to Port Barton and the world changes. The beach is dry and full of bikinis. It can change in a heartbeat and maybe it will not. I sort of look for places to park for months on end, like a place to retire. Hard to choose a place where it is not 100 percent dependable. I like Koh Pha Ngan beach in Thailand, the Full Moon Party beach because I have never been there when there was not enough Bikinis to enjoy life. Now the Expats here would hate the place because there is no bar girls and hookers and such, only a large amount of young travelers. I would say the conversation is weaker however, the beach life is better.

I have came up with a methodology on how to write some guidebooks, I think I can hire or pay people to help and it is manageable, maybe a perfect solution. That is a teaser and even though I am typing in my own journal I am not going to talk about this? hehehe, somebody may be reading.

I was on the boat yesterday listening to a painful 16 Horse Motor with NO muffler blaring for three hours. I could not talk and I was thinking? I have the solution; I have a daylight view of how to write a guidebook, I can see daylight. I love them little light bulb moments in life when clarity reaches the mess of thoughts and cleans house.