Port-au-Prince Earthquake Logistical Help

I am 144 miles away from Port-au-Prince; I am one of the few native English-speaking people who is extremely knowledgeable of this immediate area in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am volunteering help with logistical problems of living in the Earthquake devastation area. I lived in the middle of Port-au-Prince on Rue Lamarre for three weeks. I know all the ins and outs of the area because I was one of the few foreigners willing to walk around brazenly in this area. I can explain in English how to help these Creole-speaking people, this is a difficult area.

The United Nations Military has about 15-20 bases in this country; they are best organized to provide immediate humanitarian help removing rubble to discover bodies.

This earthquake is personal to me, I know many people in this area.

Contact Andy

hoboontheroad AT yahoo.com

USA Doctors can write me, leave a telephone number, and I will call back immediately. I have 24-hour access to Internet here in Sosua, Dominican Republic. I am on Skype.com and can easily return the call; I am prepared to answer questions.

Not my First Earthquake
I was on the ground in Indonesia within a week of an earthquake, I remember, the Doctors were leaving as I was entering. Within one week, the majority of problems were solved, after this time, it is too late.

June 2, 2006 - Bantul and Yogyakarta, Indonesia Earthquake Photos

Surgeons need to fly instantly to Haiti, 90 percent of the people will die in the next 24 hours. The buildings fall, the serious injured die quickly, an earthquake is a sudden, quick, and trauma event, whereby the worst problems occur in two days. Either you survive, or you die quickly, there is a week of severe calamity after an earthquake, then people will deal with the destroyed building.

I recommend all non-medical staff to stay off the planes for the next 3 days, they need doctors, and they do not need a clutter of humanitarian workers with no skills. Port-au-Prince (PAP) is the main airport; Surgeons can easily fly into Santo Domingo, DR and take a bus to Port-au-Prince about four hours away. If you do not speak French or Creole, you can be a burden to the system, there is plenty of labor in this country, a fat American is not needed.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, January 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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A School in Port-au-Prince, as you can see, they are 2-4 stories, there were three of these large School on Rue Lamarre, my home for three weeks.

Friends are Dead
I am sure my Haitian friends of died yesterday; I just left the center of the Port-au-Prince Earthquake area. The Hotel Executif I lived in was four stories, perched on the side of hill, the top to stories were only half completed. However more tragic, there were four three-four story schools on my street.

These two children lived in a house to the right of the five story Hotel where I stayed on Rue Lamarre, this is horrible.

Name of my Friends

This is the Presidential Palace that CNN keep referring to on the television news.

Is my friend dead?

I must have taken 20 photos of this young girl; she lived next to my half-completed Hotel Executif on Rue Lamarre. They stopped work on the building a few years ago because of the violence in this area, it is about two blocks from the Presidential Palace, or the Champs de Mar.

The Hotel is perched to all on her family, the old grandmother, the mother, her sister, I know this family, and this is personal.

Is Ronny still alive, the manager of the four-story hotel I lived in for three weeks? Port-au-Prince is a city of half-finished concrete buildings, all of which are half-way up a hill, the city has few flat spots, and this is truly a horrible place for an Earthquake.

I am in a quandary, I keep asking myself,
“Can I do anything? I could be back in this city today; I am just a body, no special Earthquake skills, just another burden on the Haiti bureaucracy, just another person to live in a Hotel that needs Doctors.

When an earthquake clears the number 7, you need to pay attention, this is when the ground cracks. This is when water lines, gas, etc break, I am not sure, maybe this Earthquake crack the earth.

My Digicel Cellphone from Haiti still works here in DR, I will try to call Onida who live on Del Mar Street in Port-au-Prince. This is not good, and she could be dead. My friend Guy and Onida were going to Port-au-Prince as I was traveling from Mirebalais towards Dominican Republic. All roads lead to Port-au-Prince in Haiti, urbanization in Haiti is the social problem, and there are too many people concentrated in this city that sits below the surrounding hills.

My friends from the Orphanage would probably be ok, however everything depends on the question, did the building fall down on their heads.

Red Cross, maybe UNICEF, or C.A.R.E, all the other organizations are truly ineffective. I would recommend the Catholic Church, all the others will line up to collect money, Earthquakes need large oganizations, not just small NGO's with their hands out.

United Nations Military
Haiti is an occupied country; I complained often about the UN Soldiers, I can hear myself. I am relieved they are their now. When I was on the ground in Indonesia after a large Earthquake, the Indonesia Military did the bulk of the work. Contrary to any illusions, you have of helping people, only the Military or Doctors can get much work done.

If you do not speak Creole, or perfect French, you would just be a burden. I am sure all the Non Governmental Organizations will be calling for money. At best, all they can provide is housing for people, and generally, there were almost zero NGO’s close to Port-au-Prince. Generally, NGO groups do not live in the middle of complicated areas; they tend to find the nicer places. Leogane was the location of the Orphanage; it is about 25 miles outside the area, not in the middle where I was living.

It is a happy thought to know how many United Nations Soldiers are in this country; they can mobilize and have 1000’s of Soldiers into this city within hours. They can help lift the rubble off people who are still alive.

Port-au-Prince Earthquake Logistical Help


Thanks for updating us, Andy. I have made a donation to the International Committee of the Red Cross, who have 68 staff working permanently in Haiti, and I believe one of the best organised NGOs in the world.

Others can donate via this link: http://www.icrc.org/web/eng/siteeng0.nsf/html/helpicrc

There are plenty of links on that page about the ICRC's work in Haiti, both about the Earthquake and day-to-day.


Andy, glad you are OK. The devastation is terrible and I would not be able to understand just how much so, if not for your earlier on the ground reporting.

I hope the missionaries and the orphans made it without injuries. I also donated to Haiti relief.



Good that you are well. Sorry for everyone you knew in Haiti.

Do you think you will return to see how everybody is?



Hmm, confusion is the devils only friend.

Both sides are correct, people are referring to different Typhoons. What is burning Hoz up is because I made a video during Odnoy. It was a very happy moment for me, I was going to return to a location close to the Yasmin Apartelle. A happy spot, where I watched this boy in this link playing in the water a couple years before.

I walked from the Duck Inn, I was going to make a video of many children having a great time playing in at the same intersection. I went walking, and for some reason, that I did not understand at the time, the water was exceptionally high.

I just had my parents send me Gym Shoes, I have a back problem, I need good shoes, well these videos are real, not staged.

Well, I went to make a video of children playing, did not work, but it was video, I had Internet, nothing to do, so I published it.

Little did I know at the time, I learned later, this was a horrible Typhoon that killed people. My intention was to relive a moment when I watch children playing. I did not get to perform the title of of the youtube video, I accidentally recorded a horrible typhoon. Not all typhoons are horrible, most are just fly overs, this one did damage.

Hoz has a hard on, because I make a real comment, about me wanting to save my shoes.

Hoz is from the Philippines, I think maybe he had friends die, lose their house, or something bad. Whatever happened, he does not want to say how he felt. In the context of Hoz mind, I was callous, non-caring, and on hindsight it appears this way.

JD saw me making videos, walking around in horrible storms, trying to do something to explain, while everyone else in the VA was eating breakfast.

Two real perspectives, Hoz on the hand wishes to remain very angry at me, hoping he can destroy me or something, I am not sure, do not really care, it is his baggage to carry.

The Moral of the story:

Real time reports, real time Blogging is full of inconsistency, that lead to confusion. True life is ambiguous in the real moment, only after time has past, do we understand the situation. If I remove them, the truly smart readers would figure it out,Editing is a lie, it always is, it is not reality.

I have made the decision to explain my thoughts as they are real, not edited, not manufactured to cover the blemishes. I did nothing wrong, I was celebrating a happy moment in the Philippines wherby children played in the water. This water is full of crap, I mean ugly, to find happiness, in water so bad, it makes Haiti look clean.

The Philippines is as a country in worst shape than Haiti, this is known, but the Filipino people want to deny it. Hoz wants me to make it really bad, but never talk about it, he has some baggage.

I think he went to the USA and forever remember, he deserted the people and country he loved.

Why did I write this, to stop JD from going again.

Who is correct? Both are, the conclusions and inferences is Hoz doing the work of the devil, to cause confusion.

Hoz, get a life, you have helped me find Rodney for backpacks, get a life, you said you would stop reading my blog after I left the Philippines. Your working on a dysfunctional need, an addictive circle or cycle, just say goodbye Andy. Remove the bookmark, the RSS feed, and go on with life.


Well Put Andy! I responded to one of my yahoogroup members questions about typhoon ONDOY by down playing the seriousness from my personal experience at my location near the airports in manila. The flood water going down in 8 hours and 18 hours later the power came back with the sun shining and everything back to normal. Another member attacked me in a similar to what Hoz did to you about this very thorough detailed post above. Andy, YOU are WHO you ARE and this blog is YOUR gig so why don't such complainers create their own blog to voice their complaints and negative views about human nature. The FIRST thought I had was, Andy you chose perfect timing and was rewarded by your past good karma to escape injury and chaos in Haiti, lucking out as you have done many times over the years. In fact, your existence after 11+ years is proof enough of choosing your paths in life and the world wisely. There so much weirdness about the way people react to pain and suffering that judging or blaming anyone personally is complicated and nearly impossible.

I prefer to look at such disasters anywhere in the world or with individuals' lives NOT as problematic but as a future solution being clarified. By the sound of your experiences in Haiti the majority of their population is undereducated and lack basic skills and already are thinning out their poorest of the poor families by sending their children to the cities for a childhood lifetime of servitude. I noticed your negative comparison to the Philippines and I live here also but realize that most "normal" citizens of the G20 Wealthiest countries like yourself find poverty ugly, deserving of pity and often blame the rich, the political leaders or other factors for their pain and suffering. I maintain a more practical view blaming each individual for their own demise and also open minded to know that the poorest of the poor enjoy similar freedom in life as the rich since they are SO FREE of responsibilities and stress. That's why when I was a teenager I wanted to be a BUM or a MILLIONAIRE to be free of middle class drudgery morality and duality / hypocrisy.

The majority of Haitians will survive and the 100,000 estimated dead, killed by the earthquake will be mourned by their families and friends and life will go on. I find the third world citizens MUCH MORE ABLE to cope with such disasters than people in the richest countries.