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Police Corruption in Thailand Rises

2009-06-20 19:17:24

Police Corruption in Thailand Rises
Policed corruption appears to be increasing since Thaksin Shinawatra the former prime minister of Thailand was forced out of office by something resembling a Military Coup.

Normally, if someone says a country is corrupt, I nod my head and say,
“Yes, most countries are corrupt.”

Of course, my answer means nothing and is just a boilerplate answer; it is not possible to compare countries unless maybe you have visited them all…. Hehehe, done some business, stay a few years in each.

However, in this situation, I have another method of learning that has spiked.

Bangkok, Thailand
Khao San Road - Center of Backpacker Universe
Southeast Asia
Sunday, June 21, 2009
Hotels on Khao San Road

This is a dangerous photo, please, please do not take photos of police, and it is a great way to end up in jail or paying bribes. (Thai Style..)

Thailand police do not seem corrupt, my vision of police is a fat Mexican, and for sure, Mexico is 10 times more corrupt than Thailand, I have spent over a year in each of these two countries, Mexico is the corruption champ, one of the most dangerous countries on the planet.


On the general HoboTraveler.com site, people can submit anonymous comments and one of the topics is corruption. A person can choose a country and submit. In the last month couple of months the submission to the Thailand Corruption page has suddenly become active, there are more submissions.

Thailand Corruption

This is the general corruption link, whereby you can choose a country and submit comments or links.


Corruption is an incredibly interesting example of human nature, if you observe and study corruption patterns will start to be obvious. The majority of people on the planet will quickly say,
“I am not corrupt.”

However, corruption happens when one person has more power than the other does, they can than force people to do unjust things. I am almost positive the majority of people reading have had a boss who took advantage of his power.

I do not believe people hate corruption; I believe generally they wish to be the person performing the corruption. Often in countries like Thailand, family and friends will collect money and purchase the right for their son to become a police officer, this will then allow the son to go collect bribes and share the profits. It is the way the world works.

I believe Thaksin slowed corruption, he knew that if he increased business, increase tourism, he could increase the money he makes with his business. It is like the USA Weapons Factories, probably as corrupt as you can get, however at the same time, I would say they all play by the rules, they abuse the rules and their power.

What percentage of humans will take advantage of a situation if they can?

Often people will say to me, I play by the rules, truly a misleading statement.

Police Corruption in Thailand Rises

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