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Pobe Benin Nulle Part Ailleurs

2006-09-27 01:02:00

Pobe Benin Hotel
Pobe Benin West Africa
Sunday, September 17, 2006
Hotel in Pobe for 5000 CFA, or about 10-11 US Dollars, fan, private shower, and TV in French.

Nulle Part Ailleurs - Hotel
5000 CFA or less, who knows, I do not speak French good.
GPS Location or Global Positioning Satellite Location.
06 Degrees 58.527 North
002 Degrees 39.255 East

That is the name of the Hotel, I think the last thing you would want to ask for, and I think no taxi driver would know what you are talking about. However, say you want hotel or to sleep, IN French, English is of little value here.

This is the Front of the Hotel, or whatnot, I am not sure you can say hotel, you have to say you want a place to sleep. It was as I entered the junction of Pobe, Benin.

This hotel is nice, a family place, somewhat loud if you are close to the drinking or table area, but they seem to stop early at night.

Pobe Benin Hotel

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