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Please Tell me All the Ways I am an Idiot

I adore the TV Show House MD, and have now successfully watched all seven seasons. This is how I do it, I download them using Torrents, which is illegal, then proceed to watch a whole season of this man House MD abusing his staff of doctors.

I would have to be moron, idiot, to not download free stuff. I know they are smart enough to stop torrents, it is just a weird way of advertising. The smart use them, watch a movie, then the idiots follow along and buy. (Marketing by Stupid)

I truly enjoy House telling everyone around him they are an idiot.

House is the genius doctor who saves the life of his patients, while telling all the other people in his life they are morons, idiots, stupid, and they need to start to use their brain.

My opinion is this, I believe House would agree,
"Life is a game, and the losers are the game."

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


My Readers are Idiots
I turned off the comments on the this Blog to give myself a vacation from moronic comments. The 100 percent honest truth it this, I believe 90 percent off all comments are incredibly stupid.

And, I truly do not enjoy the process of trying to prove and idiot an idiot. The reason is simple, an idiot will never accept they are an idiot, that is why they are an idiot.

On the other hand, when I prove to highly intelligent person how stupid they are, they get angry, lash out and try to get personal, like somehow that is intelligent. I hold the power of delete, I can black hole the truly incisive comments, to make all the idiots unaware of what really happened.

All in all, most readers comments are waste of good brain bandwidth for me, however I had somebody yesterday begging me to connect them up again.

Subject: Bring back the comments

Hi Andy,

Bring back the comments!
They have been gone far too long.

If people can't interact with you, they will just go away.

I personally don't want to just read reports, I want to read your report and comment on it too!

Come on man! Bring them back!


I feel like House, why do I need to listen to all the idiotic, morons tell me how I am stupid for living in paradise. I am here on a beach, doing as little as possible, and my readers all are working dogs, working like a slave because they have to buy a big car and house, because their dick are so small, they are bald, ugly, fat, and stupid.
There only hope of love is to buy it:

If they did not buy the car, the house, they might have time to exercise and not be so ugly, fat and stupid, then they could come live on the beach looking girls in really small bikinis with me. Of we could meet up in Africa, and again look at girls take their clothes off in Africa, and call it cultural, either way it is a more pleasant than working hard.

They want me to have great grammar, if I write this out in 10 minutes, I will make money. If I work on it for four hours until every phrase is perfect, I will make the exact same amount of money, who is stupid? I want to pay the grammar people to obey the rules, correct my grammar and obey all the rules, while I go to the beach and look at girls.

Either way, I make the money, who is stupid?

I think you want me to tell people they are stupid.
I am quite sure, you want to admit to you, I think all my readers are stupid.

Ok, I admit it, and the sad part is they prove it to me every day, the get really angry, make some nasty comments, and do not even know how to use a computer mouse to click away.

It is amazing how a person who is working 14 hours a day is willing to criticize me. Hmm, the idiot is road rage on steroids, he is so full of anger, he or she will try to be smart by trying to make me look stupid. Then, if I read the comment, I am just tempted to say,
"How can you be so stupid, get your head out of your ass."

Look in the mirror, then look at the photos I take daily, who has a life, me or you?

What do you want?

Do you want me to cut their nuts off, and prove them stupid?

Or, do you want to line up, stand in front of me, write something you believe is intelligent and hope if flies, than somehow maybe you get my approval. But then soon, you get over confident, and you truly say something stupid, Gong, you lose.

I think this is masochistic, and you just want to annoy me until I tell you what I am truly thinking, unedited, streaming, screaming truthfulness, cutting and slicing.

There is nothing more provocative than the truth, and as House says,
"Everybody lies."

And because reader cannot stop lying in the comment box, they demand to write like, rationalize to themselves, have complete delusions of adequacy, and lie to me, I can punch their buttons, provoke, and enrage them with just simple obvious truths.

You just want to see me kick barking dogs, tell me the truth?

Telling a person they are stupid is an act of humanity, it give the person the chance to have some humility, to become teachable and stop being an idiot everyone I laughing at.

Did you think I was just going to let you write in all the ways I am idiot?

I told Boy Genius to activate the comments again, it is a lottery, maybe today, tomorrow, or the next day they will start to work. Maybe he is doing right now while I am typing, if so, have fun, but I am not an idiot, I vote with my mouse, even on my own site.

Please Tell me All the Ways I am an Idiot

EXAMPLE: Received today after I sent today.


Help Center Message: Please unsubscribe me from your newsletter.

I have tired of your attitude towards your readers, and do not want to hear about your charades and your feelings of superior intellect over everyone else.
For a guy who makes a living from his followers, you treat your readership like crap.
Again, get me off your list - I do not want to read your crappolla again - yes I am all ready automatically deleting anything from you already.

Category: Question for Andy
Name: John Wilson
EMail: [email protected]
Country: USA
Telephone: 678 357-5106

Answer: There is an un-subscribe link in every e-mail you receive.

Grow up, and click on it.

Ok, I know that is impossible, I un-subscribed you.

Andy Graham

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