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Please Remind Andy to K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid

2011-03-12 01:48:43

"The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes."--- Tony Blair quotes former British Prime Minister

Please, do not leave Donuts sitting around the house, I will eat them.

I do not play stupid games with myself, I know me, if you put a Donut near me, then I am going to eat it. It feels as if every one in my life has decided to throw out bait in front of me, I am tempted to bite, instead I must continuously remind myself, to
"Keep it simple stupid."

Sometimes I say to myself,
"You must think I am awfully stupid, if you think I am going to bite."

I often feel like this phrase "Keep It Simple Stupid" needs translated, it means:
"If I am confused, be smart enough to walk away."
"When it seems obvious to say yes, then say yes, up until that point, continue to say no or you are stupid."

Well, please read below at your own risk, what I am writing just becomes more and more confusing. The moral of this story is that life is meant to be simple, and life is simple providing I continue to say no. I will sit here in this Hotel and say no, watch movies, play on my computer, walk around looking at people until one day the obvious option is presented to me, then I will say yes.

Disliked Comments?
Sometimes, I dislike a comment, why, because the comment was not obviously clear, and there is no reason to confuse readers, unless they want to be confused. Then they can log in and be confused, and read convoluted comments. The primary goal of writing is to lead people out of confusion, not into confusion.

I want to live simple, and I do, and I will continue to have a simple life because I am the king of saying no to people, when confusion is offered up on my plate to eat.

Dakar / Yoff / Senegal, West-West Africa --- Saturday, March 12, 2011


Because I say no, it is hard to leave Senegal
Yesterday, I went to the Guinea Embassy here in Dakar, Senegal with the intention of getting a multiple entry visa. I was expecting the Embassy to say,
"100 Dollars for a two month multiple entry visa."
They said,
"260 Dollars for a six month multiple entry visa."

I have learned, it is easier to understand the Visa expeditor companies’ explanations of Visa coast than the actual embassies. I have used this company, so I have been checking on their site or calling to ask visa cost. Visa Help

Confused Andy sitting in Embassy
260 Dollars was too much, this is a lot of money to visit a country for 20 days, and if I need to pay on average 100 dollars for the rest of the "West" West Africa countries it is an extreme amount of money.

It was simple, so to K.I.S.S. I said, no, then I took a taxi back to my Hotel room.

Estimate of Visa Cost for "West" West Africa

260 - Guinea
100 - Cape Verde
100 - Gambia
100 - Guinea-Bissau - I need to enter twice
100 - Liberia
100 - Mali
100 - Mauritania
Free - Senegal - I need to enter 2-3 times
100 - Sierra Leone
960 US Dollars is Total

I may need to pay 960 Dollars for what I was hoping to be a two-month trip…

Visa cost change from country to country, they are not the same, and you can shop around for better prices given from Embassies in different countries. The problem is this, a visa is given with a requirement you enter the country. Example, if I got a Ghana visa here, I must enter Ghana with in 90 days, or lose the visa, this little requirement makes visas very complicated. Otherwise, I could sit in Washington D.C. get 10 visas, and come to Africa, but that would be simple, easy and make travel in Africa simple. Confusions is expensive, people get frustrated, angry and just pay big money to avoid the stress.

I am burning daylight, it is time to stop in to see my parents, say hello to the USA. I know it is possible I buy a 1300 Dollar round-trip ticket from Senegal to Chicago and come back to Africa in a few months after I re-charge my batteries.

What is the value of writing a Travel Blogging?
There are many, however, earning money is very low on the list, it is almost impossible to make enough money by Travel Blogging to justify doing it. The best reason to write a daily diary is above, what I wrote above is forcing me to make clear decisions.

I got up, walked over and made a cup of coffee, upon returning; I could hear myself thinking,
"Andy, what is the point of going to these countries for two months? You want to go for 6-12 months to enjoy them, do not go right now."

I am thinking, 1000 Dollars round-trip from Dakar to Chicago, and I do it.

Andy’s Radio Show or Podcast Progress
Doug Murray and Brent helped outline how to set up a voice mail to receive questions. Then Brent explained how to set up lighting for video productions.

Ask me, (Andy Graham) question by calling a USA telephone number
Telephone number and instructions:
Andy‘s Podcast

Thank you Doug and Brent,

Bah Called from Ivory Coast Today
While typing this, Bah called me from Cote d’Ivoire, a.k.a. Ivory Coast. She is afraid and it appears she will flee to Ghana soon; the Allasane Soldiers are bringing war to the country of Cote d’Ivoire. I am not sure what to do; I need a five-year visa to Ghana, they will only give me six months here, and I must enter in three months.

Please Remind Andy to K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid