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Places I Want to Visit as

2005-04-30 06:30:00

I am having fun, need to think of places to visit.

I am here in Cusco, Peru contemplating where to go; it is becoming more difficult move as I am excessively confused.

I have many projects I am working on and they are all fighting for my attention inside my mind. I am doing my best to be lazy and sit in one place reading books, however there are some very big temptations and a few problems.

I had my passport stolen on the train in Madrid, Spain more or less seven months ago, it is necessary I return to the USA and get a new ten year passport as this one is only good for one year. Chicago is the closest place to my home where I can do this quickly.

In Solon, Ohio is a place that sells parts for backpacks; I am at a standstill on prototypes of Backpacks until I get the worlds best quality parts. I think they sell them, or would be able to help me find them. Talking on the telephone or writing emails is not going to do it for me, I need to go and look at what they have in stock and compare the difference. This project just goes on and on, and never ends, the search for perfection is work.

I cannot find the quote, however this project to make a room heater keeps me thinking about Thomas Edison.

They asked him one time how he failed on making the electric light bulb maybe 400 times before he found the right way to make a light bulb.

He said,
“I did not fail; I discovered 400 ways that do not work.”

"Results? Why, man, I have gotten lots of results! If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward.... "
Thomas Edison

I am driving Victor a little crazy, however he is the same as me, he keep trying to see the next step. There is problem in making a model or prototype of something I invent or make, the person helping me becomes too frustrated with all the changes and stops working.

Victor is an eight on a scale of 10 of abilities to keep going, however most people are a two, and maybe Kikko my backpack person is a five, he will work for money so I can pay more and induce him to try again. Victor does not work for money, however money gets in his way and he needs to try to work on jobs people bring into him, so there are people walking up to him and asking him to perform jobs.

I keep finding out what does not work, and hopefully I can suss out the bottom line of all the things that do work together. It the taking of a bunch of small idea and placing them in a pile that is the problem. They all fight and do not agree to work together. I know what does not work on a room heater; however somewhere in simplicity is the correct answer.

The little fan is in the bottom, and is pointed up inside, it make a lot of racket and vibrates the metal, plus way too heavy, breaks, etc.

This works for ME, however the average Joe Blow is probably going to burn down their room. The fan is a 220 fan for use inside of speakers like you would use for a Rock Band, I think, not real clear, they keep speaking in Spanish. It will run on 110, however slower.

Edison said on ideas.
“Keep on the lookout for novel ideas that others have used successfully. Your idea has to be original only in its adaption to the problem you're working on.”
Thomas Alva Edison.

It sounds confusing, however in reality I am retired and can sit on the beach reading my books and looking.

That is the priority level I a have as a Hobo.

I may make a mad dash for the USA, stopping in Ecuador and Colombia on the way, as there is a big thing happening in Chicago… maybe….