Pixel Ruler for Internet Graphic Design

I found the coolest tool today, if you are using WordPress CMS, I am not sure you are with the program, however hopefully you will become a player someday, try to pay attention.

I download a little program that measures the pixels on a screen, truly a great idea, I have no idea whether is will crash, or whether I am going to pay the five dollars for licensing. However, before I lose this wonderful tool, I am going to share it.

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Download Pixel Ruler Page
Go and read this page, dissect it, download if you like, play with, then come back to me and explain the pros and cons in the comments for other readers.


Working with Graphic Designers
99 percent of people, who make graphics on computers, make signs, banners, poster and other offline advertising, they do not appear to understand the internet, they just think they do.

Interview Graphic Designers?
"What is above the fold?
If they do not understand---they do not understand, you will then need to get out your Pixel Ruler and layout the page down to last pixel, and then force them to make graphics that will fit onto a page.

CSS Cascading Style Sheets
Finding a computer graphic designer, which can translate or transform graphics into CSS, is an act of God, this is why everyone uses WordPress… and the reason I do not. We are separating this into two jobs, we will use a PHP person for CSS and graphics people. I would not want to force a person to use their left and right side of their mind as a multitasking. It annoys me also, very few people can do one thing good, why do they even consider multitasking, one foot in yesterday, another in the future, and pissing all over today.

WordPress people, Google, has your algorithm number, and will soon spank you.

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Pixel Ruler for Internet Graphic Design


The Language of Internet Pages is confusing.

Yes, I would your definition is correct, however the normal webmaster chooses a template off the shelf and uses it. If you want to design you own, you must sit down and sketch out the design you want. Or you can have a computer graphics person try to design it, I say try, because they normally will draw a brochure, not a web page.

CSS is making a look you want, the flavor, the style.

Conceive your design
Draw it or sketch it
Make it into Digital or Computer Graphic
Make that into CSS

I do not know how to do CSS, and this causes me a lot of problems.

Although, I am hoping the whole world adopts Wordpress, so I can be the only one not using it.