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Photos I am Too Excited I Must Tell You

You can now see all the photos I take daily, this is truly a windfall for me, there is almost no work on my part, the computer does the heavy lifting.

I took this photo yesterday, but there are many more, and now you can see the new ones daily, no waiting.

Click here to see this new project that is fun.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Tuesday, May 11, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Blame Boy Genius from India
Me and boy genius from India have been having daily conversations over Yahoo Messenger talk trying to simplify this on my end.

I take the photos.
Download from camera.
Delete the bad ones
Click run and I am finished
10 minutes of work and my job is done.

Web Design is a Process
Web design is an evolving process, it is not an event, and we will continue to improve.

Thank Boy Genius from India; we are off to a great start.

Photos I am Too Excited I Must Tell You


Boy Genius said today, "it is funny that photographers only work for fame."

I want to make money with my photos, this is the goal, however I do not sit around calling myself a photographer. When I hear a person say that, I assume the make no money unless they are doing weddings.

I am using all my SEO and Internet design skills to make a systems that truly makes money and does not require a photographer to pay.

Generally photo sites like flickr Pro are not ways to sell photos, they are just photo hosting sites.

Photo Bank sites are for photographers to pay for hosting,they do not truly help photographers to make money. I told a photographer friend, if you know one person who makes 3000 dollars per month from an Internet photo site, I want to talk with them, because I can learn, but I have never met this person. I mean real people, not the advertisement, a person I can really talk with, not some hearsay information.