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Photography Tip Practice Shooting Blind

Photos do not cost with digital cameras, you can take that difficult photo by learning to shoot blind.

I tried to take this DR girls photo, she put her hand up to the camera, she was quick, maybe I am slow… NOPE, I am super fast at taking photos. I would make Billy the Kid seem slow, I can pull from my camera bag, and shoot in seconds, then re-holster it and walk on by.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, January 28, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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The girl is from Santiago, Dominican Republic, I met her sitting out in front my room the night before. Now, I meet here again at Sosua Beach, so I started to laugh and make some jokes. She was a clever one the other night, she sat down next to me, told me I had beautiful blue eyes, and her other friend tried slide her hand into my pocket. All this is good fun to me, I enjoy good teamwork, they failed on all level, she wanted to come talk with me, says she needs money for University. I made many joke, what do I get for 1500 Pesos or about 41 USD? If I talk to 20 girls here in Sosua, 19 of them give me this pitch.

Billy The Kid

Normally, I am Billy the Kid fast taking photos, yesterday I met my match, and she was quicker than me with the first photo. I am not Paparazzi, I do not like to offend people, but I still will take a photo, I will shoot blind, and not telegraph the photo by looking at the camera.

Sequence of Events
She stuck her hand in front of the camera.
I pulled the camera back.
I put my finger on the trigger.
I ranted, raved, and made bromas in Spanish.
I pulled the trigger.
I got the photo.

She was quick, she saw my finger click the trigger, but she was not sure.

Practice Shooting Blind
Look to the left, shoot to the right, pretend you are blindfolded, you need to have good situational awareness, but with practice you can shoot from the hip.

Most of the videos I make are done blind, I do not look at the camera screen, I do not look through the viewfinder, I just click record and walk. I have a tendency to point up too high, I know this, so I compensate from what is natural.

If you pay 1500 USD and buy a Canon or Nikon Machine Gun Camera, this would be easier, because you could take 10 photos in succession. Now that you know photos are free, take many, but if you want a challenge, this about this way. The more photos you delete, the worst your aim. I delete about 1 in 10, when I first started, I deleted about 4 in 10, but if, and when Canon decides to send me a free camera, I will delete more of the Machine Gun Photo, but my kill rate will improve.

Photography Tip Practice Shooting Blind