Philippines Typhoon Gossip

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Philippines Typhoon Gossip
The Typhoon gossip I heard was, there is a Laguna Lake south of Manila that was drained. Then along the way rich Filipino people constructed homes in the lakebed area. Well, when typhoon “Odnoy” that is also called for its international name: “Ketsana” hit, the high water flooded these rich people’s homes.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

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Tst Tst Tst, we cannot have that, so there is a push to release “Calamity Funds.”

Please this is Gossip, any relevancy to truth is only accidental, there is no collaboration of information, this is gossip, and as normal with Gossip, to find out the truth is to remove the juiciness. I am a Philippines outsider and plan on keeping it that way, about the time I truly understood, it would be best to already be gone.

Philippines Typhoon Gossip

Happens every time when a hurricane hits the USA coast and we bail out the Rich who build on the seashore.

same same but different.


The incredible strength of the Filipino People: