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Philippines Travel Plans 2009

2009-07-08 23:12:16

Philippines Travel Plans 2009
I need medical help; I came to the Philippines to find Doctors who speak English well enough to diagnose the problem. Many Medical Tourists already have their ailment diagnosed and travel to another country for cheaper services. I do not know what is wrong with my body, there is a lump on my back and I have severe sciatic nerve problems.

I visited a Chiropractor yesterday, an American citizen with an office close to the United States Embassy, I am making progress.

Manila, Philippines
Ermita - Malate Area
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Explaining all my decisions is impossible and would be boring for the most part, however here are a few for clarification.

I have been alone in Africa for 3-4 months; I do not enjoy the type of tourist in Thailand do not truly like the Thailand people. I need some friendly conversations, it is not a want. I can speak English in the Philippines; I have a couple of long-term Expat friends and can make friends and have half a conversation here.

I have learned along the path that Baguio is at around 1500 meters above sea level, that coupled with being in Tropics is the formula for the best living conditions possible. Warm days, and cool nights, no snow, no need for Air Conditioning and just a small need for heating this could be ideal environment. I will stop traveling someday, at this time; I will be spending three months at each location and will not wander around as much.

I will be living in Hotels or Resorts here in the Philippines for free; I will take 60 photos, and submit their Hotel to

I needed to leave Thailand and apply for a visa outside the country; I also need to understand my feeling about Thailand. I have visited Thailand many times and know only one person well, more or less the country has good cheap servants and services, however I do not make friends with the locals. If I wish, I can apply for visa here in Manila, Philippines.

If I need to have surgery, I want to be in a location that is acceptable for two months, a location where I would be happy stationary. This is truly a difficult situation, what keeps me happy is leaving locations, not staying in locations.

I enjoy walking around Robinsons Mall here in Manila.

I can continuously renew my Visa here in the Philippines, I do not need to leave.


1. The Philippines is double the cost of Thailand.

2. The noise, clutter, trash and slimy people is double of Thailand.

3. Traffic is horrible here in the Philippines

I am hoping to travel to the countryside soon, I am working through issues on my back presently with a Chiropractor, and I think I need to give him another two weeks.

Philippines Travel Plans 2009