Philippines Street Children Search

Philippines Street Children Search
So you want to learn about Travel, welcome to the world of Travel. I have become an expert on street children and their habits quite by accident. Maybe it would be better to say, street families. You search for street families’ right before the sun rises, they will be sleeping in the street, go figure.

This little cute thing volunteered for a photo yesterday.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Maybe we could have an American Street Child Idol, you know, like the American Idol with a Twist. I want to enter this cute little girl who resides somewhere on Mabini Street in the too
“Too Cute for Words” contest.

The Search for Superstars of World Street Children

There are many NGO’s that work with Street Children; these up to No Good Organizations allow you to donate money so you relieve guilt. I am not sure why people feel guilty when they see street children, but I am positive most do, I for one, feel a little compassion mixed up with annoyance.

The Story of this Child
I was walking down a street in the aftermath Typhoon Ondoy. I am sure CNN and BBC would label and the wrath and destruction caused by the Typhoon.

I thought to myself,
“What a great test of find street children.”
"If they are sleeping in the streets now, the truly are homeless."

Alcoholism is the cause of the majority of Street Children on planet earth. What happens is this, the NGO people getting drunk all night, then sleep until about noon. The then go out searching for Street Children. Well, Alcoholics arrived confused, live confused and write up zealous statistics about street children. I would say there is one-fifth the amount the NGO wants to collect for, poverty is always overestimated.

2:00 PM, early afternoon, a NGO person walks up to 10 year old boy,
“Are you a street child?”
The boy looks sad and pleading,
“Yes, I need money.”

The alcoholic NGO has made street children out of bums.

Now, as I turned the corner walking in the middle of the street to keep my new shoes clean and out of the water, I spied this little girl over by a store window. The child comes toddling over to the edge of the road, I stop and look around. Hmm, where is the mother, for some reason there is no mother. It is wet and dirty where I am at, or just the normal Malate area with a lot of water. Where is the mother of this small child?

I can see the girl is defenseless. I pull out my camera and take two photos. There is no mother protect here, there is no mother to come chasing me down demanding money. The little girl is too young, not sure, how to hold out her hand yet so I walked up and gave all the change I had in my pocket. It was sad, her, little hand was too small for this amount of coins.

I was about to give here a 100 pesos, but two street urchins, the full size versions came running up and demanding money. I think they would have rolled the little girl and taken her money if they could.

Street Children can be found in early morning.
Street Children sleep in the street.

If you want to search for Street Children, you cannot be an alcoholic and sleep until noon. You must wake up around 5:00 am and walk around right before the sun rises. If you are really brave, walk around 4:00 while it is still dark, but the photos will be difficult.

I enjoy taking photos of street children, it is basic, and they are cute and lovable in most ways. Life is basic, simple and primitive, I am doing what I can, no more, no less, and my life is at street level.

Is there a solution for street children?

Is there a solution for Poverty?

NGO’s feed us tons of guilt relieving crapola sandwiches, you can donate money and the up to No Good Organizations will drink more.

What is the solution to poverty?
Truly simple,
Social Security and Pension Plans

I am tired of explaining this, nobody cares.

This is a street family in Manila, Philippines; this type of photo is incredibly easy to take in the Philippines. People who are street children sleep in the street.

I never found the mother of the small girl, ok, I admit it; I walked on down the road and forgot her. I do not deny it, I will do my best to forget her, and maybe it will work. I am sure I will forget her, there are too many of these little children living in my brain. How could I remember just this little one, she is not important.

Do not send money, 11 years of travel, there is no solutions at street level. Is there a United Nations program to force countries into providing social security programs?

I need to go back to Africa where there is less poverty, crime and street children. Sorry, I am not doing good at keeping my mouth shut again.

Philippines Street Children Search