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Philippines Street Children Man and Son

2006-12-01 01:53:00

Philippines Street Children
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Friday, December 1, 2006

This is a man and his son that decided to sleep in front of the Adriatico Pensione Hotel in the Malate area of Manila, Philippines.

My life is a deluge of people walking up and asking for money, there is an endless stream of persons outside the USA that want something. However, even in this deluge, I sometimes stop and think, there are some exceptions. When I first saw this man and his son, what I noticed was the level of grime on the mans feet and legs.

Poverty has some almost quantifiable levels.

Shoes or no shoes?
Clean or not clean?
Clothes or no clothes?
Crazy or sane, normally this is something to me about talking to themselves.
Do they have bum friends?

I suppose the worst is the person, or individual in the streets who are not capable of begging. There is also the level where they become so grimy that that they become an outcast even on some bum scale.

There is a water leak in the street, the water is coming up into a large crater of a hole, many people are either gathering water, or cleaning clothes in the hole, or as you see, taking a bath.

Philippines Street Children