Philippines Orphans at Cinnamon Rolls Home

Philippines Orphans at Cinnamon Rolls Home
I am told Orphans, Street Children, or homeless children live with this woman. There is supposed to be taking care of as many as 40. She makes great Cinnamon Rolls and other bread products selling them to support herself and the children.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Ask for the Cinnamon Roll women in Bauang, La Union, Philippines

She stops and sells bread products at the VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars Post here in Bauang. I highly recommend you stop in the VFW, eat some Chili Con Carney, buy a big Cinnamon Roll and help support the orphans

Go to this link to see the Cinnamon Roll, Chili and to learn more about the VFW in Bauang, Philippines.

VFW Post 9892

If you want to Donate, I recommend you track down JD hanging around the Red Lion Inn in Baguio; he is a good person and can help the best. He is Veteran and comes to the VFW for meetings.

If you visit her children, I would appreciate feedback, I truly want to help orphans, but if there is even a hint of impropriety, I need to know. I know JD, and he can help direct you better than me, but anyway, shape or form the VFW is a good place to start.

Philippines Orphans at Cinnamon Rolls Home


Forty kids to take care of and still such a big smile on her face! I swear some people are born with an irrepressibly sunny disposition.

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