Philippines Man Says Work for Your Own Country

Philippines Man Says Work for Your Own Country
This video is about a Philippines man who worked in Taiwan, then returned to the Philippines to work. I was chatting with the Taxi driver in the city of Baguio, Philippines a few weeks ago when he described what I suspected for years.

Working and living overseas is not always the best choice.

I do not live overseas, I visit countries and live for a short time, then when frustrated or burned out on a culture I move on.

“Leaving my home, leaving my friends, Running when things get too crazy.”
- Bob Segar - Travelin Man
My Hobo Travel Songs

I maybe be running, this gentleman decided to return to his home, family and friends.

One of my pat answers to the question,
“When will you stop traveling?”
“When I know why I travel.”

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Saturday, August 29, 2009
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Welcome to the Philippines my friend, it is always a good idea to love your native country.

Philippines Man Says Work for Your Own Country


Filipinos are some of the most colonial minded people on earth so always believe the "grass must be greener" ANYWHERE outside the Philippines. That is unfortunate and obviously NOT true but such attitudes are nearly impossible to change and requires widespread govt advertising campaign and national educational curriculum changes over a period of decades. Changing Filipino attitudes about working abroad would be like getting Americans to follow simple advice like "waste not want not", "never a borrower nor a lender be" or "delayed gratification" . So I doubt the simple facts of Filipinos getting hired abroad for as little as U$250 to U$500 / month and being away from their wives and family compared to getting hired here with a good company or starting some small business to eventually make P8000 to P20,000 ( U$160 to U$450 ) / month here in the Philippiens will SINK INTO THEIR MIND SET. "Tigas ng ulo" is a widespread national character trait here being STUBBORN or HARD HEADED.


Tigas ng ulo

I have been trying my best to surmise why Philippines or the more primitive culture somehow evade or do not use common sense.

Decision making weighs or pulls from factor that are often irrelevant to me, however somehow have great relevancy to the person.

Sort of a Macho, death before dishonor, or I will be stupid and demand to be stupid and you are supposed to look the other way. I am truly smart, even though you call me stupid, it truly is circular, there is a never ending level of excuses.

Fun stuff

Pride, false pride or just plain stupidity, it not important to understand each person I meet. I try to not look for consistency in people.