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Philippines Malls by Social Class

Philippines Malls by Social Class
I enjoy walking around the Robinsons Mall here in the Ermita - Malata area of Manila, Philippines.

Manila, Philippines
Ermita - Malate Area
Southeast Asia
Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is Robinsons Mall in Ermita, Malate and Mabini area of Manila, Philippines. A first class, high end mall almost surrounded by a red light district.

I asked my friend Bjorn, an Expat who has lived in Malate for about 11 years where I could buy business cards. He said the Harrison Plaza, so I started on a Safari through this land of beast to find the Harrison Plaza. I got on Jeepney going the correct direction and asked this girl by the name of Melody,
“Where is the Harrison Plaza?”
She says,
“I am getting off there.”
I said,
“Good, I will follow you.”

I took this photo looking out the back of my Jeepney. This antiquated, noisy and obnoxious vehicle is a comfortable way to travel from place to place however probably stops development in the Philippines.

I followed Melody to the Harrison Plaza, said goodbye and went in search of Business Cards.

Wow, another Mall within walking distance of the Robinson Mall, however two social classes down. I was delighted, I never buy anything in the Robinsons mall except for groceries, the place is outrageously expensive, and I think possible the same or more than the USA.

I am always amused how the world shops, the world shops about the same as children would buy cereal. If the packaging is good, they will buy.

Shopping is social statement in any country on the planet, and I believe one of the reasons the world deserves the economic problems it is now having.

Chuck, Melody is 25 years old.

The Printing shop was closed for Inventory,
"Welcome to the Philippines."

Philippines Malls by Social Class


Hello Frank,

We are evolving towards having this capacity, if you look at the private message links you will see you can create a profile. This area can than eventually move or allow people of related desires to meet.

This private message allows you to write other people comment.

Both parties need to be registered and logged in to read the messages.



Hoz, I said - Having the Capacity.

What is a Monger? What is Cubao? I do pay attention to all this.

I do not think you get on Facebook or Twitter, and I do not know much about them, however these - social networks - are in my opinion more about being dating sites and less about other...

There are many factions to readers, as there are 1000s of reasons to travel, a great web site has the capacity to give a corner to every type of reader. This is all I am saying, there is a corner for everyone.

People do not change, I have been doing this for 11 years, hard to see how I am going to change.


The new word of the day Monger


Places to Retire, well Walt that is truly a difficult question.

My choices or options:

Panajachel Guatemala 1500 Meters above Sea Level, same time zone as the USA and easy flight.

Iquitos Peru

Baguio Philippines 1500 Meters above Sea Level

Brazil Rio de Janiero

Lome, Togo West Africa

I personally am planning to retire in 4-5 places, more or less I will move to a location, get an apartment and live for three months. I will not buy unless I lived in a location already for 3 years.

Talking and having friends is the problem with retiring overseas, if you have a wife, then not a big problem, however single than you have an endless series of one night stand conversations, the majority of friends you never see again.



Men want to meet women.
Women want to meet men.
People want to make money.

Hoz, I appreciate you expect more from

The world has a desire to be rich and famous, whereby in their dysfunctional world they believe they will find the love of their life who gives them intimacy.

People want a short cut to success, they want to know the secret.

I meet nice people, I strive to meet the nice people of the world, sometimes it take a crazy amount of work to find the good. I want to do my best, to be the best man possible, to be the best possible example to the world and myself. I somehow break this down daily into sentences, I explain my walk towards a better world. I do not give up, I will never give up.

Frank Wants a dating site, I assume that Frank is saying,
- Can you introduce me to nice girl? -

I assume it they stay on this site reading, they must be a nice girl, I am too strict, I expect too much of people for the slackers to remain.

The Philippines has something special in it, there is a smile on the faces, their is a natural happiness to the people of the Philippines. However, it is easy to become very frustrated with the people of the Philippines. I must overlook 80 percent of the personality of the country to see the 20 percent.

I was looking at the 20 percent of Frank, I have never been married, however I do believe finding a mate is a great thing, it is the essence of my parents. If I could help somebody to find a mate and have a relationship like my parents, I would do so, it is good thing.

The USA has become weak, the good people are in hiding, they refuse to take a stand and do good. They believe not being involved is a good act, this is weakness. I on the understand believe if I am good person I should try to outshine the bad people of the world.

Why do I show the bad? Good people need to tell other good people where the bad is so they can avoid it. I truly enjoy Robinsons mall, a nice clean place on the planet surrounded by crap.

I met Melody, she appears to be a truly nice girl, therefore when someone said they wanted to meet a girl like her, this makes total sense to me. I do hope people can understand the underlying theme, social class, and social status is fools gold.

Hoz, the sites of and will always strive to explain the world honestly, without any avoidance or hiding of reality.



Alex, think about what you said, you do not want the sugar coating.

.... unless the opinion or observation is different than yours....

I want you to disagreee, however do I do not wish to be encouraged in a round robin way to be Politically correct, try to find the clarity.

I agree 100 percent, Thailand people are accommodating and very friendly, like a great servant. They are some of the best yes people on the planet. However, to have a truly loving, caring, intimate relationship with them is difficult.

I had a girl ask me my email address yesterday here in Manila, I hardly know her and she is already wanting to be long-term friend.

Culture is dynamic, why were the Japanese so cruel during World War II?
Why are the Germans the champions of cruelty?

It is about superiority, when one person thinks they are superior to another they have the right to do as they wish. Thailand just give you what you want, a Pygmalion methodology, a self-prophesying expectation.

They are good servants, however despise their masters, too much fun.

On the other hand, the men who go to Thailand are some of the worst trash this planet has ever created, as are the men in the Philippines.

There is value to disagreement, there is value to accommodation, a vacation is for accommodation, however living in a country is when you want a true friend.

I have a true friend in Thailand who is a Thai girl, and I have been there many times, a cheap haven in the middle of chaos, however she is the only Thailand friend I have, this is sad.

People study countries, then go find what they expect to find.


Frank, I understand and agree, there is always ways to allow people to meet.