Philippines Malls by Social Class

Philippines Malls by Social Class
I enjoy walking around the Robinsons Mall here in the Ermita - Malata area of Manila, Philippines.

Manila, Philippines
Ermita - Malate Area
Southeast Asia
Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is Robinsons Mall in Ermita, Malate and Mabini area of Manila, Philippines. A first class, high end mall almost surrounded by a red light district.

I asked my friend Bjorn, an Expat who has lived in Malate for about 11 years where I could buy business cards. He said the Harrison Plaza, so I started on a Safari through this land of beast to find the Harrison Plaza. I got on Jeepney going the correct direction and asked this girl by the name of Melody,
“Where is the Harrison Plaza?”
She says,
“I am getting off there.”
I said,
“Good, I will follow you.”

I took this photo looking out the back of my Jeepney. This antiquated, noisy and obnoxious vehicle is a comfortable way to travel from place to place however probably stops development in the Philippines.

I followed Melody to the Harrison Plaza, said goodbye and went in search of Business Cards.

Wow, another Mall within walking distance of the Robinson Mall, however two social classes down. I was delighted, I never buy anything in the Robinsons mall except for groceries, the place is outrageously expensive, and I think possible the same or more than the USA.

I am always amused how the world shops, the world shops about the same as children would buy cereal. If the packaging is good, they will buy.

Shopping is social statement in any country on the planet, and I believe one of the reasons the world deserves the economic problems it is now having.

Chuck, Melody is 25 years old.

The Printing shop was closed for Inventory,
"Welcome to the Philippines."

Philippines Malls by Social Class