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Philippines Love I Can Still Recognize

2009-08-19 18:18:31

Philippines Love I Can Still Recognize
Oh well, I may as well increase the amount of hate mail…

The Philippines is simple, the people love you in simple ways, even when they are trying to be clever, cheat you, and it is still entertaining. They love me in a way I can still understand.

Keep reading you political correct idiots, you are going to get your injection of hate, your endorphin rush, your control freak fuel.

I tend to believe the amount of dysfunctional behavior is increasing on planet earth. This truly does not mean crapola, it is just a comment.

However, one time long ago in never never land, as I was sitting in an alcoholic treatment center talking with Doctor Rolf the Psychologist of the Huntington Treatment Center
He said,
“All everyone wants is intimacy.”

This was elicited after I said,
“All people want is money.”

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, August 20, 2009


People are truly unhappy when they think too much.
1. Analysis Paralysis
2. Over-intellectualization

Ask yourself, what do you like to do, what makes you happy?

Generally, this question baffles people, if you asked me, I would say.
1. Reading a book
2. Watching a movie
3. Walking around in office supply stores.

OOOPS, what is that last one, for some strange reason I enjoy walking around in office supply store. I am not sure why, and truthfully it is irrelevant, when I am near an office supply store I walk in, I enjoy the rush.

What I want in life is not simplicity; I want to be surrounded by all the small things in life that puts a smile on my face. Right here is the clue, when you have a natural smile on your face, seal the moment, can it, and remember the moment.

Repeat and repeat again.

Generally, the Philippines is about small girls who make me laugh, I enjoy going to Greenwich Pizza and buying the double pepperoni for 139 Pesos. The girl at the counter says,
“Hello sir.”

It is a joyful noise, this is simple, I enjoy getting in the back of a jeepney and blabbing with the locals.

Yes, generally the men who come to the Philippine are real crap on a stick, not the people I would invite home to visit my parents. But there is one thing they know.

1. They like girls.
2. They like to play pool.
3. They like to drink beer.
4. They like to smoke cigarettes.
5. They like to have people listen to them.

The Philippine is heaven for this type of man.

The repeat, repeat, and repeat again this endorphin rush, they truly just keep pressing the button, give me some more.

What I respect about them is their understand of themselves, they truly are enjoying their life. I was talking with the Ms. Acacia the Physical Therapist in the Lorma Hospital, I said,
“Relax, come and sit by the pool at the Bali Hai East.”

She says something like she does not have time, needs to work, and just made noise. She is incredibly intelligent, but rather stupid also. I thought to myself.
“She wants to teach me how to recover.. I think she need to relax a little and lighten up.”

I know 100 of my problem is taking my life too serious, this is why I am in the Philippines, I want to be surrounded by people who do not work, refuse to work and refuse to do anything perfect.

Now, getting down to work, lets think about Todd Rundgren, a singer I hear about from my parent… hehehe

But she loves me in a way I can still recognize
Lyric from song by Todd Rundgren

Say it in a different way,
“Do something that makes you happy.”
Try to understand what make you happy, that is not complicated, your brain does not evaluate properly, you are dysfunctional, it does not function, it does not accomplish your goal, to be happy.

Song by Todd Rundgren

See that girl, watch her dance
If I knew her name I wouldn't have to sit on my hands
If my mouth don't work I get some help
And she don't mind if I don't keep my hands to myself

You're all right
You put up such a good clean fight
I'm afraid that you lose tonight
She may be a slut but she looks good to me

You're so clean, so refined
You don't care to get messy just to have a good time
She's got saggy thighs and baggy eyes
But she loves me in a way I can still recognize

Philippines Love I Can Still Recognize