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Philippines is Politically Correct

Philippines is Politically Correct
I cannot put my finger on it, but maybe why I become incredibly annoyed in the Philippines is because they are incredibly PC. They have good manners, but maybe not proper, or are they polite, but no manners, I know one thing, nobody wants to hear my true opinions...

This applies to the Expat culture here, the same as the Filipino culture, there is just a small gray line that separates them.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Monday, September 21, 2009
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I feel that people, who are too polite, too correct, too zealous in making sure nobody is offended are liars. Everything is always diplomatic, always polite, however in my gut, I feel there are no manners and life is not proper.

Politeness to a fault…. Hehehe

I am slowly realizing, I never am able to attain an intimate, honest relationship with a Filipino person. However, in reality, I am never able to stop the double talk, misrepresented and agenda orientated Expats either, they seem to blend in with the Philippine people, I would say that like kind associate with like kind.

Yes, it is warming, feels good for a month or two, but after awhile I long for a conversation where I know the person is genuine.

A politician can be incredibly charismatic, warm and cuddly, generous to a fault and the biggest crook on the planet at the same time.

Hmm, how do you detect the PC people in a room?

They are easily annoyed with honest statements, they refuse to listen to comments they disagree with, they enforce delusional beliefs.

I would talk about "toxic shame," and how growing up Catholic makes a person feel guilty. However, in reality this is the effetive effect of religions, they fail to make people happy, but they do make people feel guilty. Then again people do not help, the never stop sinning.

Philippines is Politically Correct


I care about other people, you discussion focuses on all sorts of ways to lie and why.

When a person lies, he or she hurts themselves, they lose respect for themselves, as I am sure you know, Filipino and Expats here in the Philippines can spout long saying of how they are good, then turn around and do the opposite.

The Philippine people say Politically Correct comments, then do the complete opposite. They do not hurt me, they permanently damage themselves. All talk that comes out of a persons mouth is who they are, even if they do not do the behavior, a lie coming from your month means you are liar. It is dysfunctional to weasel your way out of it, liars do lie.

A relationship that functions is when both parties trust each other.

A functional person is easy to know, understand and transparent, life is not a popularity contest. Are you the most respectable person you know, do you have shame for what you do? Toxic shame is what defines the Phlippines culture, this is why it so easy to get the Filipino and Expats angry, they know they are doing bad, and do not want anyone to point it out.

Do I trust you Bill?
Do you care if I trust you?

Do my readers think I am liar?

Do you think I am a liar?

I am always laughing when I come to the Phlippines, the people who come along while I am here, or the ones that have been here assume I am doing all the things they do or want to do in the Philippines. This country is just another country along the way. Chuck destroyed my love of walking around Robinsons Mall here in Manila. He told me that the men who want cheap prostitutes walk around the malls. I just like walking around the mall, I now know the readers think this is code talk for saying I am trolling around the mall.

No, I like walking around the mall, just fun to walk around, there is no secret code, how a reader reads or comments makes me know who they are, I can see patterns.