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Philippines I Refuse to Grow Old

2009-08-27 18:59:48

Philippines I Refuse to Grow Old
I got sober, I gave up being a drunk by hanging around with people who wanted to stop drinking. I learned my lesson, I know the influence of this, do not hang around with sober people, it ruins your drinking.

I have learned my lesson, I know I must choose my playmates and playpens, there is always pressure to fit in, we are not emotional islands.

Hmm, I am here in the Philippines surrounded by old people, I am 53 years old and I feel like the young man. I feel I need to give respect to all these old, fat and despicable examples of human flesh. They are old, I should be patient, understanding, oops, wait a minute, I am older than a few of them.

If you were somebody else, would you want to be friends with you?

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Friday, August 28, 2009
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I am surrounded, the Indians are circling the wagon train, soon I will die, death is coming my way… I am angry, I am going to fight this tooth and nail, and I refuse to go quietly into the night.

Ok, the bottom line, all you fat, old, ugly guys smoking and drinking and looking over half dead, do not befriend me, I do not want you ju ju juice, your karma, I do not need this ying of the yang.
(There are few if not zero old women here... never mind.)

I will politely avoid you, or when need rudely and callous, I will be as insensitive as needed to accomplish my goal.

See the chair? Look at the chair? I went into panic when I saw the chair…

This is my home, my swimming pool and when I say mine, I mean mine, I almost have it to myself, it is seldom used. I am alone on a deserted beach, quiet, reading a book and constantly reminded I am going to die. There are too many old people who have given up and accepted they are over the hill here, there is a constant battle, there is a refusal in my mind.

No, no, no, no, enough, I refuse to accept, I am too young to go down like this, I am not you, and you are not me. I need to go to Africa again or maybe to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

There are young beaches and old beaches, I have yet to find the young beach in the Philippines, maybe it is on Boracay.

I need to stand next to some young men, some girls in thong bikinis, I need an injection of motivation, I want to stay young.

This is great room, high-speed Internet in my room, an Ethernet wire; I can use and call all my friends around the planet and check in or check out mentally.

The Chair
I walked out of my room, with towel, baby oil, nose coat and a good book to read, ready to worship the sun.

I look over; I see the chair, the only chair, the only pool chair at this swimming pool. I knew it would happen I have been here for two weeks and never had to fight over the chair. The old women is putting her feet on it, she is not really using it. I thought to myself, I will go over and see if she will let me use it.

NO! This is the wrong move, I know I must be polite, saying hello, my name is Andy, and I am from the USA, blah blah blah.

“This is a dangerous move.”

I suspect, I feel certain, I am almost positive I am probably the only handsome white man within miles. The last thing I want is old women wanting to flirt, talk, or be nice to me, I do not want this for any reason. I will sacrifice the chair, it is theirs. Nothing on the planet make me feel older than women my own age flirting with me, who do they think I am, I am not old, they are.

I laid along the side of the pool and avoided them at all cost.

What is a resort, have you picked up on my muse, a few idle comments in prior post, does a resort have more than one chair?

The truth is pool chair are not needed, these two women were the first and the last in the last three weeks, and they left the next day and returned to me my pool chair.

Filipina girls watch cartoons, they do not lie in the sun, they refuse to get sun, they want to be white like me, what a weird world.

A good swimming pool has sun from all directions, as the sun moves across the sky a person should be able to reposition himself or herself so they can always be in the sun. There needs to moving shade, so your friends can lie in the shade, while you lie in the sun or whatnot… This pool is great for this, the only thing missing is the bikinis, zero, none, I saw one girl-in-tow Filipina girl worth a glance, but nothing worthy of a stare.

Want to get skinny, feel inadequate, fat, old and MOTIVATE. Go to Koh Pha Ngan beach in Thailand. Go to Rio de Janeiro and feel fat until you stop eating.

I should concentrate on the Best Beaches to feel fat and old, but MOTIVATED to stop eating.
Topless Girls
Rio, Brazil Babes

Playa del Carmen, Mexico used to have the most Topless girls on the planet, I personally do not like Topless Beaches. I suspect it has been taken over by the fat and old tourist group.

I suspect that Bauang or San Fernando was the place to be 20-30 years ago, all the men here were here then. They all came back to get try to find that moment in time.

Philippines I Refuse to Grow Old