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Philippines Fish Market Tourism

Philippines Fish Market Tourism
I would recommend curious people always stop in a fish market and look at the fish. People tend to eat all types of fish, if they can catch it, they will eat it. I am baffled to know the name of the fish. There is a never-ending variety of fish, shellfish as I move from country to country.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, September 9, 2009
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I could venture a guess what type of shellfish this is, but truthfully, I cannot be bothered, there is a limit to my need for knowledge.

I am happy to be taking photos of Philippines people, they are helpful and enjoyable. Everyone complained or wanted money in East Africa; this caused me to become reluctant to take photos. I am regaining my zest for photos; East African people stifled my enjoyment.

These fish are in the Bauang City central market, this is just a small sample, I was buying a coconut to eat when I spotted these.

Philippines Fish Market Tourism


Taking photos was a problem in East Africa, it is not a problem in West Africa. However, I have more friend from Uganda who email me than I do from the Philippines. I have friendship with expats here, I do not have any friends here who are Filipino.

I enjoy Africa, the place is alive, the people engage, they are directly passive, not passive agressive like here, more like real men.


Like Kind will find like kind, there are no like kind in the VFW. I just talk with them, they are acquaintances, not friends.

I spend about three hours every day calling all my friend around the world on

I consider it an insult to say I am the same as the Expats, nothing is farther from the truth.

Filipino people in the immediate area have no education, I have found a Canteen next to the Hospital school with some educated youths and I am slowly meeting friends, but very young for my friendship.

The Lorma Hospital doctors are becoming friends, but there is still a cultural gap.

I have three friends in Uganda, two in Kenya, and many in Guatemala and Peru, I now know with the Hiya why I have few Filipino friends, but let go of this...

I have about 20-30 close friends I call on, so truly I am overwhelmed with friends of like education, backgrounds and drinking habits... Drinking defines the expats, it is their hobby, but not mine.

Enough, I will say something that makes a Philippines person angry, so I will stop, I truly do not care about the Expats, they just speak English and allow me to speak in a relaxed way.

Yo no quiero hablas espanol.
Je non voule parler francais.

I like to speak my normal English for one to two months per year. Skype is a windfall for friendship.


After soul searching and really trying to understand the country, I know this country has more to offer than almost any country I have visited.

1. 7000 plus Island.
This is like having 7000 little countries, unique cultures.

2. 10 Large Language
10 Separate cultures.

3. Scuba, Mountains, Surfing, Diving, Girls, English

4. MODERN to Primitive in seconds.

The biggest hindrance to travel here is the other Expats focus on explaining how to find Americanize things.

The second is the Philippine people trying to make me believe it is modern.

The great thing about the Philippines is the mix of radically primitive next to radically modern, then the cultural hiya or shame that misguides you along the path to understanding. Learning about this country makes Africa seem simple, there is true change to immerse yourself in the Filipino culture.

I do not see Expats who are immersed.