Philippine Girl Eye Language

2009-09-28 18:40:02

Philippine Girl Eye Language
Learn how to talk with body language, maybe flirt or interpret Philippines girls, or generally stay confused as I do. I recorded a video yesterday of a Filipina girl raising her one eyebrow, I am quite happy to have captured this video.

The faces of young Filipino people are maybe the reason why I come to the Philippines. Young Filipino people smile in almost all situations, happy, sad, flirting, anger, the standard response is to smile. It is very comforting experience until my mind adjusts and I remember how to interpret the Philippines, and then is the onset of Cultural Fatigue.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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If you do not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

I encounter a two-part sequence of events here in the Philippines. There are many girls standing around more or less hawking customers to enter the stores, shops or restaurants.

First Both Eyes Blink at Me
Maybe 1 in 20 of he girls less than 30 years of age starts to blink both eyes at me. In Thailand, they call this PING, or maybe PING PING, both cultures call is sweet eyes, the girls will give me sweet eyes.

This is the high sign, I have permission to enter into a conversation, and of course, because they are selling products, we both have an excuse to open a conversation. As best I understand, nice girls in the Philippines need an introduction from an older adult to have the official high sign, if you like the girl probably best to find an adult in their life that can grant permission. I believe it is needed at any age level, they can be 30 years old and still need social permission.

Second - The ONE Eyebrows Raise
I am not sure how to evaluate this, I think often they are skeptical, and often they are being secretive. One girl can be making many eye gestures while all the others are just looking. The conversation can be about the product they are selling while one specific girl may be blinking her eyes, look around, glancing, and in a way to an observant person never ending eye conversations.

I have learned to mimic the eyebrow raising, and blinking of the eyes, I am learning to speak Filipino Eye Language. Nothing endears you better than to mimic a person. It is like giving a high five to people in the USA, we both agree to agree.

I truly love to learn how they communicate with me, however because of Hiya or shame, the small probing question can make them go into their emotion cave and the conversation goes into blank. This is a heaven on earth for self-absorbed person that doe not care in the least for the Filipino person, if you have no questions, there is no conflict.

The Filipino people are the epitome of the book,
"How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie"
The culture naturally endears you and makes you feel great, sort of like a Politicians before you understand the underlying agenda.

Other Interpretations

“Body language: The raising of eyebrows or jerking the head upwards both are affirmative. A jerk of the head downwards means “no”. If they say “yes” while putting their head downward, you can be reasonably sure that they really feel negatively about the matter.” Cultural Profiles

“Filipinos signify ‘Yes’ by raising the eyebrows or lifting the head upwards slightly. The hand movements which mean ‘Go away’ to us signify ‘Come here’ in the Philippines.

The thumb and middle finger are not used to indicate numbers. Instead of pointing with your finger, indicate discreetly by pointing pursed lips in the direction you want.

One hisses to gain attention, for example, when calling a waiter in a restaurant. When you want to pay the bill, draw a rectangle in the air with your index finger and thumb.”

If Filipinos don’t understand a question, they open their mouths.

In my opinion, the facial expressions evolve with age and slowly they settle into the more Chinese stone face look in older age, often with sagging jowls. I believe as a person matures, the social pressure relaxes and they are not expected to be happy or be excited. They have arrived, they are adult, the youth are required to give respect, they are now the receivers.

Please be warned, do not assume you understand a Philippines person or they understand you, not every person that smiles likes you it is the standard expression, not a positive response.

Philippine Girl Eye Language

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