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Philippine Friends in Baguio

Philippine Friends in Baguio
Everyone needs friends, I have been lucky here in Baguio, I read in the Lonely Planet that the was the place where Expats hang out.

There are always small clues inserted into these Guidebook descriptions and this time it paid off. I needed a place like “Cheers” where everybody knows my name, and after 3 days in the Red Lion is for “Cheers” in Baguio. I have found friends, life is good.

For example, right now, in real time, as I type this Sarah and Cathy two small Filipino girls waitresses are looking over my shoulder as I type away sitting at the Bar. I could not sleep it is 3:00 am, I came upstairs to use the free WIFI internet in the Bar area that is open 24 hours per day and strangely is full 24 hours per day.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Monday, July 20, 2009


I double dipped this Baguio Hotel, I was sitting at the corner of the bar talking and Tony the owner walked in, before I knew what happened I had arranged a free room in exchange for helping to list his Hotel on The Free Encyclopedia of Hotel Rooms.

I will be adding photos daily to their page on .

The Inn does not have a regular domain; I hope to assist them in purchasing a domain name for 10-15 dollars and to purchase hosting for about 60 Dollars per year. I am recommending they put a Blog on the site, this will allow them to do update easily without knowing HTML. Webmasters love to become needed; I estimate that 80 percent of the Hotel sites made five years ago have not ever been updated. I am like a mechanic coming into a Hotel to fix internet and computer maintenance.

This main benefit of the site, an owner can attach photos like in Facebook and put descriptions, it is self-service. Moreover, SEO it will always be better, we just have more experience at this game. I think we can make it so they update our and the updates go directly into their pay for play website.

I have been laughing, a Vet from the USA by the name of Philip has realized I understand how to write and make internet pages. Well, the short story, he has a site with a Blog called I have been explaining to him how the internet works.

As best I understand today, you can purchase 25-35 foot sailboats in Los Angeles for less than 2000 US Dollars, many people have abandoned them in the slips and they are even crushing them to get them out of the Marina.

Friendships are full of good stories, I already have a few from the Red Lion where everybody knows my name, and if they do not, they soon will.

What is amazing, the floors must be a foot thick concrete, I can go down stairs, sleep with never ending party right about me, and hardly hear it.

Somebody do me a favor, go and sign the guestbook at, I am sure it would make Phil happy.

Philippine Friends in Baguio


Sarahs a Philippine girl who keeps looking over my shoulder has a Facebook page.

These links are weird, I hope this link works, it not seach for
-Sarah Jean Arena

Here is mine, I never know what to do with these social networks.

Nice to be in a place where there are normal Philippines girls and people, and not feeling like a US Dollar with legs.


Hello, I am here in the Red Lion Pub and Inn for a week or two, so anyone wishing to visit can find me, this is highly unusual. hehehe.