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I am leaving today by plane to Peru with a group of 7 other, so 8 including myself, it is going be one of my biggest adventures yet, because how will we travel this gangly country safely?

Trying to help coordinate 7 people so they are happy could be dangerous! Fortunately Susan has arrived a 14 year old girl, and she speak enough Spanish. We now have translators me and her, so less work for me. I am afraid I am traveling with some power buyers, or for sure people that will ask to many questions of Spanish speaking people in a way too fast American manner.

We will be in Cuzco tomorrow around noon, mas or menos USA time. Peru is about the same as the USA on time so not different. I am trying to prepare to film this trip and post pictures daily. I purchased this new waterproof cameras, a lot smaller than my Mavica, and better. Actually the Mavica has become too difficult to use, I purchase it because it had the 3.5 floppies and now my computer no long has the 3.5 floppy drive, and the internet cafes do not either. In Taipei it took me four days to find a 3.5 drive to remove the photos. So as they say in Top Gun,
"I have a need for speed."
So now I have a speed camera, now if I can learn the camera a little faster I can post a little faster.

So we leave for Peru

Chris my great benefactor or wonderful knowledge says to me,
"Peanuts came from Peru -- they once were known as "P"- Nuts (as in Peru Nuts)."

TRAVEL HANGERS links collected by Chris

Thanks Chris, now the world needs more closets.