Persistent Frog in Haiti Hotel Room

I woke up, went into the restroom of my Hotel here in Les Cayes, Haiti, there is no light bulb in the ceiling, so the room is dark, however I still spied this frog on the wall.

A close up of the frog who wants to share my room.

Les Cayes or Aux Cayes, Haiti - Friday, November 13, 2009
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I took this photo in the dark, the flash worked well enough; I thought I might as well take photos as I figured how to kick the frog out of my room. Normally, I just smack animals, insects and other critters with the bottom of my shoe, but this frog was too big, too much guts and glory. I went back and worked on my computer for a while.

It was time to take a shower, I was sort of hoping the frog went out the hole it came in, but I was wrong, it was hugging the nozzle to the shower. I am standing their naked, looking at a frog in my shower.

I am quite sure many of you think carrying a bucket is silly, however I use this bucket made out of the bottom of five-gallon vegetable oil container for so many things, I just could not live without it. Now, I can add, capturing and removing animals to the list of uses, I took my Lonely Planet and pushed the frog into the bucket.

This frog was lethargic, maybe it was still asleep, I am not sure, but it would not scamper out of the bucket, it just refused to hop away.

What does one do with a frog after one captures a frog?

I wrapped my new green towel; truly tacky looking around my waist took a walk to the back balcony of the Patience Hotel and dumped the bucket down with a bump. Ok, I thought that would scare the frog into leaving, nope, it just sat, maybe it is a vain frog, it just posed in so many positions for the camera. It is now time to stop standing around on the balcony in only a towel, everyone looks at the Blanc normally, I am sure they are loving the towel routine.

On the wall, on the shower nozzle, in the bucket, on the floor, this frog was persistent, I was worried it would be hopping all over my room, get under the bed, and cause me problem, instead it is the perfect frog model.

When a person is gathering up animals in a room, the floating thought always cross your mind,
“I heard there are poisonous frogs.”

Persistent Frog in Haiti Hotel Room


There are a fair number of toads and frogs on Boracay Island and they turn up inside our house quite often. I just pickup toads and frogs barehanded and toss them outside our 2nd / 3rd floor house window into a large tree with many branches and never noticed having any dead frogs in the ground floor garden so they must be able to withstand the fall.

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