Perpetual Traveler Wade Shepard Interview

Wade Shepard owner and writer for the web site is interviewed . Wade explains his 10 years of perpetual travel, and how much it cost to travel. Wade, wife, and child are presently visiting Dominican Republic on a budget of 22 U.S. Dollars per day.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, February 25, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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This is good interview, Wade explains well how to get started, how much it cost, and how to live as a perpetual traveler.

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Thank you Wade, it is a pleasure to know you, I hope our roads cross many times as we travel around this small planet.

Andy Graham of in Sosua, Dominican Republic 2010

Perpetual Traveler Wade Shepard Interview


Thanks Andy,

This was a really great to be interviewed by you. Your questions really nailed down the hatches on the parameters of long term travel.




Andy's opinion on Wade's way of doing things, yes this is an interesting idea, and for sure would highlight the good, bad and ugly.

I debate in my head all the time about analyzing other peoples sites:

1. Writing
2. Webmaster Ability
3. Graphics
4. Travel Skills
5. SEO Search Engine Optimization

Funny, we write about Travel Skills or how to travel often, however we are evaluated according to our Graphics and Layout, and our writing skills.

These two things are almost mutually exclusive, a great traveler is not necessarily good at making a web site. I am annoyed when readers evaluate my travel knowledge by talking about Grammar, what does that have to do with it?

I think nothing, zero, a big zip.

I hope to interview some professional travelers soon who do not write or make web sites, often having other forms of making money.

I will talk to Wade, maybe I can give a short discussion, he can comment on my money making aspect, and I can on his, or we can remain friends and avoid this... hehehehe


I often get the same critical comments about my terrible grammar ( worst subject in school and on the ACT tests ) and personal attacks about my attitudes about various subjects and issues. My response is "WC" WHO CARES, tell somebody who gives a sh- - -? not me. The MOST interesting perpetual travelers' stories are often secret due to the way they made the money, the ones who took risks to escape the 9 to 5 middleclass lifestyle. There is no shortage of "pirates" among world travelers but the wisest most interesting stories are kept secret for years sometimes before they can be shared with other random travelers. One of my most interesting friends from California waited over 10 years to tell me the real truth about his background and listening to his story was an adventure in itself. Another Swiss friend told me a few of his last week after knowing about 2 years only because he's retired from such former activities over ten years ago. He'd been flat broke or ripped off MANY times and a couple of times he actually caught the other traveler or local hustler who ripped him off. There are many travelers who were financially rewarded by "being in the right place at the right time" scenario and were able to live the rest of their lives by living simply and using their "nest egg" to invest in small business outside the States or Europe.