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People who can live anywhere go to different places than retired people.

2011-07-26 08:01:11

For the last few months I have written many pro travelers, people who have all traveled for over three years and have no fear of going anywhere. There is almost no correlation between retirement locations overseas and where people go, if they can go anywhere. I am constantly surrounded by people who retired overseas, they are easy to find, the pro travelers are rather a unique bunch. They go where they want, while the retired bunch settle for the first location.

I believe that all people enjoy a great location to live, there is no big difference between an experienced pro traveler and a person who want to retire overseas, we like the same climate and types of destinations, but for some odd reason they are different.

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Things to think about, things I have realized.

--- Pro Travelers are generally over 50 years old, because they have somehow arranged to have money.

--- People who retire overseas focus on buying homes overseas, reading brochures on homes, and almost forget to ask themselves,
"Is this place a great place to live?"

--- Retired people make extremely radical jumps, they will move everything to a location where they have never lived longer than one month. They go on vacation and somehow see a great vacation spot as a great place to retire.

--- Pro Traveler dream about going to paradise, then travel to the country. Strangely, if they stop and live for a month or two, they choose rather different locations than retirement locations.

--- Pro Travelers gravitate towards cities that are affordable, tend to live within their means, and can save money.

--- People who retire overseas seldom last longer than seven years, then return home.

--- Most of the people writing about retiring overseas, have never travel much, and almost none are actually living overseas. This is very suspicious, it is as if the writer are searching for something to write about, and the reader never see the writers are talking about something they do not do.

--- It feels like the retired people want a guaranteed situation, they want to find a place, get married to it, set down extreme roots, buy a house, car, they commit totally. This feel strange to me, they gamble their whole life saving on a location.

I do not know clearly, but it feels like the retirement group choose a location, commit totally, and try to make the best of it, because the have no choice. The live their lives making the best of bad situations, they believe they must accept the world as it is, they feel sort of powerless. While the Pro Traveler feel no compulsion to make the best of a bad situation, they just move on to another better location, they are constantly searching for the ideal locations.

Really what happens is this, the retired person says to themselves, I am going to live in Paradise, and refuses to accept they made a bad decision. While a pro traveler know that paradise is some joke in a way, there is no such thing as a perfect location, pro traveler realize they get annoyed with location after awhile and move on to another.

What is truly important is not where the pro traveler go, but where they all agree is a good location. What is truly important than is where they return to when they want a vacation from travel.

For example, I have returned to Lago Atitlan many times, why? Because life is incredible easy, and the climate is perfect.

Living on beach sounds ideal, but in reality beaches are hot, and being older, it is not as much fun as being a young boy.

If I could convince people do one thing in life before they retire overseas, I would ask them to make a list of five locations they dream about, then go to each of these locations and live for three months. Then continually ask themselves, am I trying to make the best of it?

What is this compulsion to accept a bad situation? Freedom is almost always sabotaged by the human species, the compulsion to commit is stronger than the compulsion for freedom. People commit to things for life, ending all ability to make changes, they want to stop thinking, they want to settle into a routine and never change.

I am very concerned about the incredible amount of people hiding inside gated communities overseas full of rage, making the best of a bad decision.

List of cities where pro traveler live for 1-3 months, when the go to where they want to go, and not where they are told to go:

Pro Traveler can go anywhere ---
People who retire overseas, can go anywhere --- but they do not.

3 Month Destinations

People who can live anywhere go to different places than retired people.