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People Stink Travel Tip

2009-05-07 05:52:01

People Stink Travel Tip
Here is a solution told to me by Buddhist Bob, a man from the USA who has been traveling for years, converted to Buddhism in India.

He told me,
“This is how I survived India.”

Ishaka, Uganda
East Africa
Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is similar to a product called Tiger Balm sold in many countries.

The bottom line is this, people in India and Africa are not good at bathing, and they often smell. There are people here that stink so bad it makes me sick, the same for India, this is a real problem on public transportation and a great reason to drive your own car through Africa.


Overpower the one smell with another smell, take a small dab of this mentholated rub stuff and put right below you nose.

Bob swears by it, I have tried it a couple of times, however in the end the best solution is to stick your head out the window and pray for mercy.

People Stink Travel Tip