People Stink Travel Tip

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People Stink Travel Tip
Here is a solution told to me by Buddhist Bob, a man from the USA who has been traveling for years, converted to Buddhism in India.

He told me,
“This is how I survived India.”

Ishaka, Uganda
East Africa
Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is similar to a product called Tiger Balm sold in many countries.

The bottom line is this, people in India and Africa are not good at bathing, and they often smell. There are people here that stink so bad it makes me sick, the same for India, this is a real problem on public transportation and a great reason to drive your own car through Africa.


Overpower the one smell with another smell, take a small dab of this mentholated rub stuff and put right below you nose.

Bob swears by it, I have tried it a couple of times, however in the end the best solution is to stick your head out the window and pray for mercy.

People Stink Travel Tip


Hmm I can not find where I used the word all.
Thanks for confirming and explaining garlic.
Betel ... I forgot Betel.
No water and other reasons.

Travelers who wear dark clothing often stink.
Germans traveling
Girls with Africa.
Old people with bad legs.
Tiger Balm


Hehehe... Pray for mercy... :) Very entertaining...

Motorcycle Bob

Having this list of comments is probably the best thing I have seen on yours, or any Blog I have ever visited. I love reading comments to old posts, I love being able to see them all at one time, in one place. It is great to see both nice and nasty comments. How seemingly mild statements inflame some people.

Dj Hams said For a person that has traveled a lot, you are full of stereotypes..... CHOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY!

I have to assume that Dj is not a regular visitor of your site, or he would know that your written English is not always precise. And thats OK. Yes, we are all full of stereotypes. Sometimes travel eliminates them, sometimes it re-enforces them. These kinds of posts help increase the discussion of these subjects.

And to think, this post was just a travel tip to use a Menthol Rub............

Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences.
No one can eliminate prejudices -- just recognize them.
--Edward R. Murrow

Bob L

Andy is genius. He posts a short one and the comments quickly exceed the post size 5x, and they all reinforce the subject and page title. I just googled hobo people stink and he is in the number 1 position.



I hope one day we all understand predjudice is also not treating people as equals.

India and Africans equals, I shall expect the same from them as I expect from myself.

Trust me, I will tell culture they stink. When I lose weight I stink. Alcohol cleaning is needed.