PC --- Political Correctness is the Same as Living under a Dictator

When I offend a reader, it is possible to say, I was not politically correct. When you offend a dictator you can be killed, erased, or the regime will correct the offensive problem. I am here in Ivory Coast; there is extreme amount of people telling me,
"Shush, do not talk."

It is easy to know when you being governed by dictators or kings, they put up big signs to remind you, we are watching, these signs were quickly removed in Iraq after Saddam was removed, and up pops new leaders photos.

This was the money in in Iraq in 2003. When you are under the thumb of propaganda, they do not have "Dead Presidents," llke the USA. Then it is normal to have living leaders photos on the money. Iraq Money in 2003

Ivory Coast, West Africa --- Tuesday, February 22, 2011


"I am FREE, look at me."

I am proud of this photo; this was a great moment in my life, a day when I was extremely proud to be an American. I took this photo in Mosul, Iraq in September of 2003, a couple of months after the major bombing of Iraq ended, and at this time Iraq was liberated, I spent one month there as witness.

Does it offend you I said --- Liberated?

I took this photo in a Chicken Restaurant in Mosul, Iraq, the owner of the restaurant was happy to meet me; they had just installed a satellite television dish. Many Iraqi men were sitting around watching professional wrestling from the USA and one asked,
"Is this real?"

The owner looks at one man Iraqi sitting at a table and says,
"He is a spy."
"This man was a general."
The man is beaming, he has a smile that was an eruption of happiness, he was bouncing, he was so grateful and happy to meet an American, and he was not able to sit still. He looked at me and said,
"Two months ago, I could not talk with the Spy or the General, or maybe someone kills me, now we are friends."

The small boy grabs a cigar, he start to make mocking gestures, and pretends he is Saddam Hussein. This all seems trivial to an American, because we can mock, talk, hell, we can burn the American Flag and nothing is going to happen. However, what the boy was doing would have gotten him killed before the Americans came to Iraq, he was screaming,
"I am free."

Photos of Iraq boy mocking Saddam Hussein

My Real Life Yesterday and Today

I started the morning today; I was doing some writing research, making two pages:

1. How to find typos?
2. How to avoid typos?

I was typing away, and suddenly I had an overwhelming feeling of worry, and said to myself,
"I cannot make any typos here; it would be the ultimate be stupid page."
Reader would, and could say,
"Andy, you made a page on how to find typos and another on how to avoid typos, and on both of the pages there are loads of typos."
"You are just too stupid."

Hmm, realized, I am worried about many things, why am I walking on eggshells...?

Islamic Restaurant in Ivory Coast -- Maybe if you are lucky, open on Sunday.

I was hungry, so I took Bah, my live-in-the-same-Hotel-room girlfriend to one of my favorite restaurants here in Ivory Coast. We sat down on the stools; I nod my head, and say Bon Jour to the group. I introduce Bah to the woman who I think is the owner, and for sure the cook. Smiling, I am happy, I am going to eat good this morning, I ordered a two egg omelets sandwich with green peppers inside, the cook will cut a baguette in two and serve with a glass of water for one dollar. (500 CFA)

I look over a Bah,
"What do you want to eat?"
She says,
I am thinking to myself,
"Bah, why can’t you be decent? Buy a drink, do something, do not just take up space on the stool where a paying customer could be sitting."

I finished, and say Merci, hold up both hand to wave goodbye, and look at everyone in the eyes as we depart. We start walking down the road, she wants to quickly flag down a taxi, I want her to relax and I say,
"Ok, I get it, you do not like the "Musselman."
She is very angry, saying something like, you are endangering my life, later I agreed and asked her to instruct me, she said,
"We cannot talk,"
I said,
"Then how can I learn the rules?"
"Andy, please do not talk."
"You are endangering my life."

The country is divided, Islamic against Christian, one ethic tribal group against another, nobody trust the person next to them, they all say,
"Shush, do not talk."

Why PC is the same as a Dictatorship?
There is a movement, the world wants to protect peoples rights, they want dissention to stop. This PC movement has given a few people who do not respect freedom of speech the moral high ground. I no longer have freedom of speech in the USA. If for example, I say,
"The President of the USA should be a Christian."
"I do not want a lesbian teaching my son."
"I do not want people who smoke cigarettes working with me."
"Indiana people are nicer than New Yorkers."
"I do not want Hobos sleeping in front of the Hotel."

Maybe you can lose your job, if these words were written by a Politician, the person job would be kaput.

There are rules to follow, nobody has written down the rules; therefore, we only know the rules when we are punished. This is the same as a dictatorship, the only safe course of action is to never talk freely, or you will be punished by death. I am grateful, not that I have freedom of speech, because I know I do not. People who write down the truth are no longer respected; the PC police will for sure punish honestly. There are writers that make everyone happy, why? Because they write what people want to hear, a group of words that makes people happy, they tell a group a lie to keep them docile and clicking on the Facebook like button.

Today, I am grateful because I am know am brave enough to write as if I was free, and I am willing to accept the punishment given me.

There is the another side dictators; the promise, they constantly promise people a lie. Moreover, because the lies are repeated many times, the people finally believe the lie, and if for some reason you say,
"The King is a jerk."
The group has been listening to the lie for so long, they forget to say,
"And why do you think the King is a jerk?"

When a person says something offensive, the first question posed by you should be,
"Is the writer telling the truth as he or she sees it?"

Second question:
"Am I offended because he or she told the truth about me?"

I like to read a typo here and there, I know the person is alive and real, I hate the feeling of reading politically correct propaganda wrapped in make me feel good words. I want to know I am free, I want to be offended, I want to have my mind opened up by reading. I want to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I believe the writers job is to grant me the one clear and succinct explanations that explains my world.

PC --- Political Correctness is the Same as Living under a Dictator