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Paypal Credit Card Payment Processing Problem

I have a credit card payment processing problem, my credit card is connected to my account, and I use to pay workers as I work at my mobile offices all over the planet, I am location independent, I do not have a home.

As part of the security for processing of payments, they want to call me, I am not in the USA, and my parents answer the number on my account. They have strict orders, if anyone asks to verify a payment on anything, they are to say no.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Sunday, April 11, 2010
By Andy Graham of

--------------------------------- Number
As part of the paypal credit card payment processing security, they said, I could add a new number. I tried to enter my number; however, it is not connected with an address therefore it is not accepted by

Doe this mean, every time I pay with, I need to be in the USA to answer phone calls? I could use the Verizon Global Phone, maybe they have a address connected, that number will forward anywhere on the planet.

Guatemala Security
I tried to make a reoccurring payment to buy software while here in Guatemala, for some reason it refused. I called and they tested everything, their recommendation was for me to return to the USA. The support call I made, was answered by call center in Manila, Philippines.

Mobile Office blues, there is an ever increasing security of credit card payment processing, I am not sure what to do, I know I am in the extreme minority. However, the value of paying things online is to do it anywhere, not just from my home.

Paypal Credit Card Payment Processing Problem


Craig you said,
"Might resolve some of your PayPal, etc. issues."
I look at it as "our" issues.

I have a dedicated server, and yes, I can put this on my dedicated server and stop an keylogging program, cache, or server that could log my user name and passwords to

Effectively solving my problems, but what about "readers."

I write blanket travel tips that help the whole group, not just the super smart. just stopped 98 percent of my friends in Guatemala from being able to using