is No Longer a Good Way to Pay India Workers

I know American Citizens do not care about India, but you should, what is happening in India will eventually happen in the USA. (Moreover, World). The governments, banks, and taxation systems will force you to pay taxes on Internet Money.

Suddenly today, India workers are contacting me, they are angry, confused, and worried the government of India or is going to keep or take their money from them. is a global employer; I regularly pay employees in India monthly salaries. We switched payments to in February of 2010 because problem of the first problems with

"Paypal India Update:

With effect from 1 March 2011

1) Any balance in and all future payments into your PayPal account may not be used to buy goods or services and must be transferred to your bank account in India within 7 days from the receipt of confirmation from the buyer in respect of the goods or services.

2) Export-related payments for goods and services into your PayPal account may not exceed US$500 per transaction."
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I wrote in February 28, 2010: India Suspends Payments 2010

Elubo, Ghana West Africa --- Saturday, January 29, 2011


What is motivating the India Government?
India and the majority of underdeveloped countries on the planet, roughly 85 percent of the planet are not able to collect taxes from citizens properly. This causes them to attack, gouge and extract fees from the easy sources, stopping only before the "Riot Level" of Taxation, any higher and the people riot in the streets.

What is happening today in Tunisia, and Egypt is related to this tax problem.

List of simple ways of collecting tax or money:

1. Import Export Fees
2. Toll Road Fees
3. Applications for Visas
4. Bribes (It is a tax, which pays wages of police, mayors, etc.)
5. Lotteries - Indirect tax or voluntary tax.
6. Multi-national Companies
7. NGO’s
8. Governments of World giving Money to Help
9. World Bank Loans that are forgiven
10. Construction Permits and Land Taxes

To further the problems, the leaders of countries on average put about 25-50 percent of this money collect directly into their own pockets, stealing the money from citizens.

One 1 in 17 India Citizens Pay Taxes
The one person that was caught by the India government is paying all the taxes for the other 17 that was not caught and forced to pay taxes.

- 1,191,000,000 people in India
- 595,500,000 are Taxable
- 35,000,000 people actually pay taxes in India

The workers in India are trying to remove all their money from accounts. It was being used by many as a safe bank account, now the India worker feel,
" India is not safe."

What do I feel as a Global Employer, the same, regularly shuts me off, I am afraid to access it outside the USA. I sat on the telephone for one-hour in Kenya, trying to get them to turn back on my account. is a good system and a bad system, sadly theory is this,
"We keep your money until we know what to do." made it close to impossible for India workers to get their money out of in February 2010, now in February of 2011 there is finally something decided a year later. This is not just, it is also the government of India.

I have told my coder in India,
"Any electronic transfer can be taxed."
"You have no choice, India will tax you money."

Now, these employees also want me to pay cash, and keep payments off the records. This can endanger my business; I must report what I do to the USA government. As a smart employer, I look for legal loopholes, survival of the fittest business management.

There are hundreds of tax loopholes, both legal, and the ones where we never are caught. There is also the "I am too small" for the government of the USA to come after me. However the noose is tightening, eventually all electronic transactions will have some small piece of the pie given to the government.

The USA is Not an Island, it Needs the World
I have lived outside the USA now for 13 years; the USA does not compete in a Global Market. This will eventually backfire and cause wider, longer and deeper economic problems for the USA. 9-10 percent unemployment may be the standard from now on, it is highly possible that the USA just becomes one big "Detroit, Michigan."

I know readers, I know my Father, he does not like that I hire India workers. He is American, he want me to,
"Buy and Hire American."

I want to, but am I suppose to be the one idiot that buys an American car, when a car made in India is 10 times cheaper. Am I suppose to hire use arrogant American Tech workers that will quit on a moments notice, and want 30 times more per hour than an India worker.

No, the USA will survive; it is the job of the USA people and government to compete with the world. If an India worker can sell services cheaper than an American worker can, then obviously the American worker needs to say, life is a competition and accept this.

Nobody wants unfair competition, but to stop competition is not American.

1 in 5000 Internet pages makes enough money to live on, this means 4999 page will just make a noise, whimper and fail. As the 1 in 5000 that earns money, has employees, it is obvious why I succeed.
"I hire workers that I can afford, I cannot afford USA workers."

I recommend everyone obey and pay taxes, obey the rules of life. Use your brains, do not take short cuts, but if nobody else is paying, then obey the standards set by the group until you are forced.

India is forcing people to pay taxes, well, I have been to India, they need to pay more taxes so they have money to pay the workers to clean the place, it is dirty.

The Electricity Went Off in Cocoville Hotel in Elubo
It is a new world, people truly can work from anywhere with a mobile office, I am location independent, I am living the dream. It is fascinating to me; I am going to finish this small post from a makeshift desk in a Hotel in Elubo, Ghana. I can look out from my porch and watch women washing their clothes almost naked. A border city, nothing works well, this is the Wild West, a trilingual city, there is every tribal and business language here, and it is a mix of cultures.

Nevertheless, here I am, a small global employer, hanging out with a Cote d’Ivoire girl. The electricity was just cut, probably because nobody pays bills, they steal electricity. but I have two computer batteries. I then am able to access the Internet with a USB Wireless Internet Modem from MTN Ghana.

The world is smaller, but we are a big family, I am just on the other side of the planet from you. I am proud to be American; it is the country that allowed to learn, to aspire, and to dream a big dream.
"To live and work anywhere."

I need to transfer money globally, and I want the moneychangers to be controlled. Note, I use, I can set up regular bank to bank transfers of the salary, it feels safer, it is for sure easier than But it is an electronic tranaction, it will be taxed.

Getting the workers paid is first priority when you have an outsourced worker or personal assitant as Tim Ferris promotes in the 4-hour work week.

Andy Graham in Elubo, Ghana, one of them nowhere to be, but anywhere I want to be places.

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India Demographics
BBC Reforming India's maddening tax system Suspends India Payments is No Longer a Good Way to Pay India Workers

Fear, confusion and division helps those who "rule" and maintain their Status Quo power. The way I see it such loopholes and thousands of pages of tax laws keep "the working man" who is exhausted by his work and daily responsibilities in his place of ignorance about how the small minority holding the power are able to avoid and evade such taxation whereas he's too tired. The TWO most revolutionary acts to really CHANGE the way things are in the USA is, one, a STRAIGHT TAX like the way Hong Kong was managed before China took over where a citizen who makes U$10,000 and a citizen making U$1million use a simple calculator to come to their tax responsibility. And two, FREE and / or EQUAL AIR TIME for all political candidates and any politicain spending over the limit is automatically deemed ineligible.

Plain old human nature and common sense is nearly universalNOBODY WANTS TO PAY TAX to governments whose protected and secure employees follow "OPM" ( other people's money ) gross spend-a-holic conspicuous spending. The last time I checked 10 million Americans do NOT file federal income tax and are pretty much left alone if they keep their mouths shut an old friend of mine hired an attorney years ago challenging the whole system accepting that constitutional law was the highest law of the land and basically ended up in a stalemate. The taxation laws worldwide are INSANE written, passed and enforced by a small percentage of the population on behalf of even a smaller percentage of the elite land and corporation owners.


Bill, I for years have been musing around in my head the idea of whether to rise above on nation. I have zero problem paying taxes to the USA, I know this is what pays for schools, police and roads, which allow business to function.

I do not understand the rules of taxes, and I do not believe it possible. I want to pay taxes, I think the idea of saying the are non-constitutional is just an argument put forth to avoid paying money because they are greedy.

However, to be a renaissance man, a global citizen may be realized when a person decides to no longer play along.

I would love to go offshore, the problem is this, the offshore countries again make a 1000 rules to obey also.

In the end, it may be the wise man, it is also the greed man doing the exact same thing, just avoid taxes with loophole and common senses. The righteous, the naive may need to continue to pay taxes, because of a sense of respect for the government.

I do not disrespect the USA government, I do not disrespect, I just know it is wise to stay out of the way of the juggernaut of forms and paperwork.

Rising above governments maybe is to decide to not play into the hands of the system when possible, always accepting a country will extract cash whenever they can put me between a rock and a hard place.

I do not believe there is a conspiracy or group, there is nobody that smart on planet earth.


The ways to pay people are different than sending money back to family. Highly Trusted people, give them an ATM card from your home country, then put money in the account. Temporary Employees is Western Union. I only hire workers in countries that accept or These are obviously good vetted countries to deal with, the ones outside of that are too risky to need.

Importing, it is possible to go to any country with about 10,000 dollars and carry the items home.

Obviously sending money home is very common, and this should be done by ATM card, not by Western Union or Check.

This is highly confusing, and exactly the way to make money if you are a moneychanger.


America has started the long process down, endless recession because it refuses to believe there exist people who can do a better job cheaper. Microsoft, HP, airlines accept this and the 10 unemployed in the USA think they do not need to compete. They will accept a 7 dollar job eventually and the USA will be competitive again.


There is misconception that India does not have the money to build roads, clean trash, build hospitals and other projects.

India has a HUGE amount of money.

A corrupt Indian government, a corrupt legal system and a corrupt police force is the problem. Money is wasted on badly planned projects. Money is spent on bribes.

Public opinion is weak, bad projects are never stopped. And those who can stop them are bribed.

India does NOT need more money. It needs less.

Where is India heading and why is it getting expensive?


In June 2008 India's Finance Minister, P Chidambaram, offered his hallucinatory vision of a poverty-free India, 'an India where a vast majority, something like 85 per cent, will eventually live in cities