Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets? India Suspends Payments 2010

Location independent workers, who live and work anywhere had another problem added to the queue today.

My morning started:
Boy Genius from India, chief coder for bangs me with a chat message the minute my computer connected with Yahoo Messenger.

“Everything is a problem in this country” (India)
PayPal: India payments suspended for 'at least a few months'

PayPal said a ban on personal transactions to and from India will continue for “at least a few months” while the online payment service tries to resolve a problem with local regulators.”

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Wednesday, February 10, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Payroll Problems
If you have never felt the pains of payroll problems, then you probably are not an entrepreneur. General Motor received the bailout from the U.S. Government because all the big players knew that if GM workers did not receive their money, if they missed payroll, the government of the USA could collapse. This was a payroll problem, a loss of confidence situation. One money problem and workers can quit, it is all about making workers feel secure, safe and financially secure. Employee System
Here is an oversimplified explanation of the process of hiring a worker.

1. Advertise for Workers in India
2. Online Job Application Completed
3. Test Sent
4. Reviewed by Andy
5. Test Email Sent
6. Call the worker with

7. Send Agreement Letter
8. Worker Starts Working.
9. End of month comes.
10. Payment sent to worker by or Western Union.

Developing Internet Work Systems
Boy Genius has been working for me for over five years, I think maybe seven. I hired him when I was in Goa, India. I went searching around for PHP Coder in the Internet Cafes. I wanted a workers who lived in an area of India I would not mind visiting.

The Job Application with a control panel on the back was set up maybe four years ago, and daily people fill out Job Applications.

Biggest Mistake of US Employers
This is not easy; it takes tons of patience and persistence to work location independent. I would say the biggest mistake Entrepreneur make is paying people too much. The whole goal is to leverage the lower pay in underdeveloped countries into developed countries profits. Staff has employed up to five workers part-time. Our first big attempt failed because of investor problems two years ago. We are now trying again with a more compartmentalized internal management system and have hired a girl PHP worker from Egypt who speaks Arabic as her first language.

India Workers
There are workers in India fishing for naïve American employers who are willing to pay five times the monthly India wage. There is a never-ending series of comments by India Workers as they request their salary. 80 percent of the time, they want USA wages, saying something like,
“This is what the USA pays.”
I say,
“If I was going to pay that, I would hire a USA worker.”

Wage Guidelines
Generally, the salary of an overseas worker is:

U.S.A. Dollars
1. 5-10 USD per day
2. 150-600 per month

There is no hourly wage, truly an Americanism, nothing to do with 80 percent of the real planet earth, if you are paying by the hour, I would say you are having problems.

Real Problems
Fun stuff, and if you want to have real problems, have shut off the payroll work on projects can come to a stop until workers feel safe again.

Communication Advancements
The Verizon Smartphone I have with Global Internet access has made management of India workers 10 times simpler. (Disclosure) India Suspends Payments 2010