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Parrots are Sane

Parrots are Sane
As best I can determine, Parrots are not crazy, however I will feel crazy if I write about the photos below and they are not Parrots.

I hope these are Parrots, if not, for the sake of the story, I am going to call them Parrots, from now on, please assume these are Parrots.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Saturday, September 26, 2009

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I woke up around 5:00 am here in Manila, Philippines; it is a great time of day here. It is almost the only time the roar of the street noise is at acceptable levels for a good old Indiana Farm Boy like me, these city folks love chaos. I think they get an endless endorphin rush from the sound and vibration, constant mental stimulation so they do not have to admit or see they are nuts.

Well, I worked on the computer until 6:30, took a great hot shower, and then went down stairs. Ooops, Tropical Storm "ONDOY" is here, the day is rainy and the locals say, “Typhoon.”

I am putting in my vote, the Philippines has more rain than anywhere I have visited, only Coca Ecuador on the road leading to the Rio Napo felt rainier.

I try to accept the weather, I cannot change it, today is a great day to see children in the Philippines playing in mud puddles and all this water washes the trash into Manila Bay where it belongs.

Philippines Weather

There are never starving people in places with too much rain, poverty however is normally rampant, there just is no challenge.

What about the Parrot

I went down stairs to go for a walk, the weather is miserable, so I sat down at the bar that is maybe open all night in my hotel. Two Filipina girls and a Swiss guy are giggling and eating, the Filipina girls have rice something and the Swiss guy is going to eat a club sandwich. Another Swiss guy is sitting on the other side of the room angry with the girls.

I ask,
“French or German?”

He says,
Hmm, one of the rare Swiss ones.

All four of these characters in this Filipino Soap Opera have stayed up all night. I try to have a normal conversation, however the Swiss person is determined to stereotype me, which is ok, I just need to prove him stupid… Nevertheless, I cannot, he is too drunk to think clearly.

He said something like,
“Americans do not understand the world because they only speak English.”

I said,
"Je Parle Fransais,
Yo Hablo Espanol
Poot Pasa Thai
Fala Porteguesa
Backit Hinde"

I cannot spell, but I can say the words, and I threw in the Fala Portegesa to build up the bigger pile of bullshit theory argument. The bigger the pile, the more correct, truly illogical but works on normal drunks, talk until you wear them down is another theory.

I truly hate learning languages, too much work, but an occupational hazard of my life. (Note, I think 7 out of 10 Lonely Planet writer are Americans, probably gay ones, but they are American.)

On and on, never-ending noise, the two girls both have a child and are nice girls in a 1000 Peso way, never married, but tagged and bagged. One has a baby with a Filipino man; the other had a baby with a man from Holland that is nowhere to be found.

Turn off the Philippine Soap Opera Please
I decided to turn off the soap opera, I am up to my daily quota of stories and it is not even 8:00 am yet. One of the best reasons to come to the Philippines is to listen to the “True Believer” stories. People that truly believe they are sane, the “Catch 22” movie and book live and living in Manila, this is reality, nothing better for a daily rush.

I found this man on the corner of Adriatic and some dirty street corner here in Manila. I think one of the best reasons to walk around is to learn how people make money. If you understand the who, when, where, what, why and how of making money in other countries, you probably understand one percent of the culture.

I took all these photos, plus a few more that did not turn out and the man never knew I took the photos.

Situational Awareness
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being best possible “Situational Awareness,” I would give the Filipinos a 2.

Africans would get a 7, this is why Africa is great, and I feel like calf being fed to the lions in Africa. In the Philippines, I feel like a giant stepping on Lilliputians, excuse me, hello, will you move or I will step on you! The adventure starts when I feel uncomfortable.

Hmm, I could go the country of Lilliput.

I am sure the Philippines has worn my mother out, I must include a few photos with these rants to allow here a mental break. She really needs to learn to click away. When I need some sanity, I go take photos; more or less, I am walking around taking photos all day here in Manila. I do not post the majority. TMI, too much information and I get too much hate mail already, if you cannot say something good, better to write a book where people cannot write mean emails.

Parrots are Sane