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Palawan Philippines or Island

Palawan Philippines

Sunday December 4, 2005, 6:29 AM
I leave Monday by plane for the Island of Palawan, I will be there until 18 December 2005.

Palawan is a large Island in the large set of Islands called the Philippines, I think this what or you would all a ?Difficult to Spell Word.?

1. islands: a group or chain of islands (often used in place names) 2. sea with islands: an area of sea with many islands (2)

Palawan, island and province of the western Philippines, between the Sulu and South China seas. The island (area, about 11,800 sq km/4,600 sq mi) is 450 km (280 mi) long and 50 km (30 mi) wide, with a mountain chain running through the center culminating in Mount Mantalingajan (2,086 m/6,843 ft). Coconut, sugar, rice, lumber, and livestock are produced here. Population (1992 estimate) 1,168,600. (2)

This is interesting, there is a mountain of some form that is 2,086 meters high, or 6,843 Feet, this is high for a piece of land that is not that wide or large. I would guess or think it is a volcano type island and not one of the types where two Teutonic plates or the crust of the earth is crashing together. I will see, however very interesting, the city of Quito, Ecuador or Cusco, Peru are about 2500 Meters high and can be very cool at night, Panajachel, Guatemala is about 1500 Meters and cool also even though in a more or less tropic area of the planet. I have not heard or aware of the Philippines building cities or villages in the mountains much, it is not what I have read or heard about. Mostly they seem to congregate their populations around the coast of the oceans or seas and be fishermen. Then inland on flat areas they grow rice. This is the wonder of the Philippines to me, as I read about or hear about the country it just is so varied, there is nothing I could say that does not have exceptions. As soon as I thought about the flat, rice patties north of Manila, I then thought about the Banaue Rice terraces on the edge of mountains.

It is a country with a lot of anything. Palawan has underground rivers; I have yet to read enough to understand how that is incorporated into a tourist destination. In Mexico near Playa del Carmen or Cancun they have Cenotes or a location where the underground river comes up to the top of land and people enter to swim or scuba diver, I think they take rafts into the caves when it is safe to do so. Cave are a very dangerous and not a casual type of interest that you can just enter, the water can rise and kill you if it starts to rain. Moreover, lately it has been raining a lot here in the Philippines.

I have been nostalgic reading my guidebook; it is about 5 years old and ancient in terms of guidebooks. It has the better or more interesting flavor or style of the Lonely Planet when I first started to read. The history in a guidebook cannot change and some opinions about destinations are always relevant, the price of Hotels and the names of Hotels will change. However, a guidebook can still be used relatively good for probably up to 10 years, or at least there is some value.

I purchased this one off of Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand for 5 Dollars U.S. and am very happy I have anything. I am amazed here in the Friendly Guesthouse how few people are sitting around reading guidebooks. It is more of a boarding house and less of a travelers Hostel, people are staying a long time. This is perfect in many ways, except for the old lady that sits and smokes all night on the one small couch and monopolizes the Television. I have not watched a movie in the last 10 days because of her.

The evolution or mix of a large boarding house and a hostel or guesthouse is the perfect mix; the best places to stay have long-term travelers for information on the area and short-term travelers for energy. A short-term traveler or the quick ones will stay less than two days and be sort of brain dead quick. They are tourist and are on a mission to collect all the,

?I was here, or I was there.?

Expats or the Expatriate is a person normally that lives in a location and sadly does not normally go and visit many places, however derives his or her social life by going to areas where there are other expatriates. There are many expat bars or club here, almost only for men, a man sort of thing. There are many men here with a small Philippine girl in tow as a wife or girl friend. These types tend to go and visit the islands or spend the money entertaining themselves with the girl or for the girl?

I have been cracking up, laughing up a storm about my new term for some of the women in the world.


Bangkok Thailand is full of ?Semi-Pros?.

Manila is full of ?Semi-Pros.?

A girl that ask you for money is a Professional you know what. However, the normal man can come to Philippines or Bangkok and accidentally believe he is talking with a nice girl that is not working. Note you cannot just ask a nice girl if she is working or a nice girl, this is a dangerous question and a great way to drive away a nice girl.

I will stop here more or less. Nonetheless, a Semi-Pro works like this, they will come up and talk with you, try to be your girlfriend. However, the man has to figure it out, it may be she wants the passport to your country and free. If suddenly, she decides she does not really like you she could ask you for money.

Semi-Pros are annoying and everywhere, I am very cautious when I am talking with any girl outside the USA. It is amazing the percentages of the Semi-Pros on the planet. I was laughing or thinking as Manila has many girls dressed in Medical or Nursing clothing going to schools or working in Hospitals. That is about the only safe bet in Manila in the tourist areas. It is very had to leave or move around in Manila comfortably the city is a land mine area of small problems. I stay in one area and do not try to just move around, as it is extremely annoying to walk. The sidewalks are impossible; they have so many cars parked on the sidewalks in the Malate area you must walk on the street and risk being hit by cars. I have found a few side streets that make better sidewalks.

I will leave for Palawan and change channels I hope, this is the wonder of wandering the Philippines, and there are so many tourist channels to view.