Pagudpud Philippines Map

2009-08-11 15:18:22

Pagudpud Philippines Map
Pagudpud Beach in August of 2009 was open, but should have been closed; there is no reason to go to this beach during rainy season. The locals were working on the rooms, painting, making noise and a disaster zone. The Lonely Planet is confusing, there is one main beach by the name of Saud, and all the other beaches are way off somewhere else. If you wish to visit as a backpacker, you just need to go to Saud find a cheap room. There are maybe 10 Home stays for around 500 Pesos per night in the area, but do not expect any favors.

Take a 40-60 Peso Tricycle Taxi to Saud beach, walk up and down the beach until you can wangle out a good prices on an overpriced room.

Pagudpud, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Monday, August 10, 2009
Laoag City Hotels

I recommend you go to Northridge Hotel and walk around to the 8-10 hotels in this area, unless you want to be alone. This is the only area where there is enough rooms to be interesting. Polaris is a good choice, and closer to the sand, but not too important.

This is the seawall in front of the majority of Hotels on the one end where the Villa de Mar, Northridge, and Jun and Carol are located. Walk around in this area first; it will save you a lot of time and headaches. It is just a price issue, find a hotel with a price and location you like. These Hotels are in need of swimming pools to make the beach acceptable; if you find a swimming pool, life would be better. I did not see one, I would think there is at least one. The beach is dinky, it would be better to lie by a pool and walk down to water, maybe swim than go hide by swimming pool.

Walk to the ocean form the Polaris and you can take this photo, the Saud Resort, the main one that takes up all the land is right on the beach, all the other Hotels are not on “SAND.”

Beach is a confusing word to locals; they will call any shoreline beach, while I only call it the beach when there is sand.

Northridge, Jun and Carol Hotel.

Northridge was a nice hotel; they did not try to rent us a room and recommended we go to other hotels. All the Hotels were 100 percent vacant, empty, no people.

The Polaris Hotel has some beach close to it and these boats.

I truly do not think this is even close to Boracay, I think it is nuts to call this place the Boracay of the north. This is a great place to bring 20 people and stuff them all into one room, buy 10 cases of beer and stay drunk for two days.

Pagudpud is a beach for a person who lives in the Philippines to visit when you get bored and want a week trip. If you are living in Baguio, you could go to Laoag for a night, then take a day trip to Pagudpud and return to Laoag to sleep, not much reason to stay in Pagudpud. Maybe survey the situation, if there is lot of girls, or people stay, if not Laoag is interesting.

Take your own party, or do not go to Pagudpud, a great choice is stil Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand, Krabi, etc, this just does not compete.

Pagudpud Philippines Map

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