People can learn French by reading the signs along the road, but more about recognizing than recall.

When dating girls from under-developed countries you may wish to think about a way to know what is acceptable to you for education.

Gear Used By Andy Graham the perpetual traveler and writer of the travel site.

There are food take more calories to digest, than they add, if you eat them, you would be on a - Negative Calories Diet

Obesogens are chemical compounds foreign to the body that are hypothesized to disrupt metabolism. - Lose Weight Fast

Links to pages that help you to make a map of countries you have visited.

Here is the link to a page by Google with a list of Web Page Speed Tricks, because faster pages rank better.

Carrying an Umbrella for travel is wise, people make a mystical decision it will not rain while they are on vacation and it does.

What Your Tattoo Says About You - Jokes Sent To Andy

You Will Understand Tanjooberrymutts, a joke sent to me from a woman in Colorado.

List of Transportation problems in the world.

What type of travel writing has the "Largest Circulation?" There are many ways of looking at this and i the end finding advertisers is the goal.

Tether For Android Is Available 2010 - Smartphones

How to use for Tethering Blackberry Instructions.

The Blackberry Smartphone explained from the perspective of a Traveler.

Motorcycle Taxi With No Mirrors Is Not Acceptable In Togo - Travel Tip for Transportation in Togo, West Africa.

Tipping Moto Taxi In Togo Made Him Angry - How in the Third World what is an act of generosity can be seen as weak, making business confusing.