A good story about being honest and a man becoming the CEO of a company.

The fine art of growing old gracefully is explained, inspirational.

People sending out emails with systems such as Mailchimp.com or Constant Contact need to know Tracking Links are being blocked by MTN Modems in Ghana.

This speech by Ivan Illich should be read by every person who wishes to volunteer overseas, this will temper your good intentions and create good works.

An inspiring way of rephrasing the Ten Commandments, a Layman's 10 Commandments.

Maybe the greatest sin is to cause division between people, to cause people to argue and be confused is the work of the Devil.

Story of my having my arm out the van or Tro Tro in Ghana, West Africa and my Ivory Coast girlfriend slapping me.

Various people have used Mind Map programs to create maps explaining relationships that Google.com uses to say your site has value.

Stop asking girls for their telephone number, use non-verbal communication, hand the girl your cellphone and she will add her number into contacts.

How to lose weight fast stories, inspirational stories on how to lose weight.

Tim Leffel is a travel writer.

This page is a guide to explain which words to leave uncapitalized words in titles.

The Bindle is commonly associated with Hobos, they Hobo would use a bindle to carry clothes and personal possessions.

Photo and Video of Brochettes in Lome, Togo West Africa, the street vendor used wooden skewers.

Best Travel Movies of all time explained by Andy Graham a seasoned traveler, this list is to explain how the world of travel really is, not the dream.

Why is it good to live in one overseas destination for one to three months? Real Travelers are invited to explain the pros and cons of longer stays.

There are groups taxis or shared taxis, it is possible to purchase two seats for comfort, if you wanted you could purchase all the seats for private taxi.

Collecting links to help people to calculate their daily calorie requirement in terms of sex, weight and age.

Why or What Makes a Travel Video Go Viral - Travel Videos

Cooling for Travel explained by a video, showing how to arrange the furniture and bed to best use a floor fan.