I am still angry and vigilant 10 years after the terror attack, and I am still concerned about the safety of my country.

Mutiny On The Bounty 1935 with Clark Gable playing Fletcher Christian mutinies on a ship to Tahiti, and then Pitcairn Islands.

Search for a work in the dictionary, then listen to a person say the word in English.

I woke up this morning, my Hotel El Amigo WIFI router was not working, there is no way to reset it because the management of the Hotel is sleeping.

Paul Theroux and the word "Misanthropy" are "Juntos," whether fair or unfair, I am sure he does not care, he is a world traveler.

When a person says, "That is cool?" That is the time to tempt them to click on your ad, it the call to action to pitch your product or service.

List of habits of seasoned travelers who understand how to enjoy travel, and live their live anywhere they wish with no desire to return.

I had outpatient surgery to remove a lipoma at a Guatemala Hospital here on Lake Atitlan.

Larry the Cable guy explains how to solve the illegal alien problem in America. Jokes Sent To Andy

List of POD - Print On Demand book publishers - Writing

First we need to learn how to pronounce the Spanish letters, then you will then be able to sound out words and pronounce them correctly.

3-5 years ago there was a reasonable chance people checked their e-mail daily, now it is weekly, effectively removing e-mail as a primary way to talk.

Do you ever catch yourself giving somebody a hard time, then wonder why you did it?

The USA has an online traveler registration program --- Should a traveler abroad register with the USA Embassy or Smart Traveler Enrollment Program?

Great brainstorming skills allows you to stop worrying, are you asking the question, "What am I forgetting?"

Watch Sanjay Gupta from CNN explain how eating a vegetarian diet may stop heart attacks, this is the now diet of President Clinton recommends.

Help for old people: It is ironic, incredibly expensive to coordinate services in USA are easy to arrange in Guatemala due to cheap labor.

It is a curse to have to much money, or too many resources, the mind fails to learn to filter out temptations properly, and we make bad decisions.

A savvy traveler will look for the light of recognition in the eyes of people giving them advice.

Here is a simple experiment to learn what you are feeling today.