It is now easy to keep stay in touch with American family and friends while you live live abroad or overseas.

I am always amazed at the USA corporate type news on CNN, as world travel it become obvious CNN is not world news, and is just a USA thingie.

There are people who never stop planning trips, they wander the planet for years as perpetual travelers, where do they go, and why?

Somewhere along the travel path, the USA culture decided I do not fit in, I am wondering if they will accept me back if I keep my mouth shut?

An idea of USA States to travel by Van starting at end of Feb, beginning of March 2011 for Andy Graham - Itinerary

I am a homeless world traveler, who perpetually wanders the planet: I purchased a Kindle 3G Keyboard to help me have Internet access globally.

One of the travelers rites of passage is to learn how to make a fake onward ticket, many airlines are in my opinion corrupt and this is needed.

My friend told me how much he spent going to Jamaica for two weeks: I wanted to know what that had to do with me living in Dominican Republic?

I think maybe I am angry, confused, frustrated with my travel plans, I think work and life is interfering with my hopes and dreams.

I discovered leaving the cookies on the computer and continually searching made some bargain show up.

I happened upon a British television show called "Only Fools and Horses," it his me right, these are the ones that compete for Social Status or mone

I left the USA 13, almost 14 years ago, I now appreciate the USA more than ever before, but it is the small things, and not the big.

Leave the country for a year or two, then return, the USA is becoming weaker, everyone is medicating for anything.

Talking about my perpetual travels around the planet is a great way to lose friends.

The world has becoming baffling complex, my Mother here in the USA is savvy and knows how to use common sense, she does not just agree to pay money.

USA webmasters abroad must be savvy and prove or verify his site is a USA web site in many ways, and do your best to not digitally prove outside USA.

This is a great travel movie, a painter in Paris living by wit, as a foreigner he finds it easy to talk with children, and a rich women buys hi paintings.

OK, you an American traveling the planet? How can you let your friends continuously know where you are at, members now can with a map.

United States Citizens who are Travel Writers or Travel Bloggers can lose tons of money by accessing the wrong accounts while living abroad.

Aaron Wall say Google Whores Out Users With False Privacy Claims / Michael Gray says Google is inches away from crawling completely up your ass.