Racism outside the USA is rampant, interwoven into the fabric of cultures the majority of people believe there is none.

The Law by Anna Borisnova.

The Introspective Life is most likely the act of asking the same questions endlessly, to repeat accepting just how dumb we really are.

A friend of mine from New Orleans in the USA gave me a list of vitamins, supplements, and other ingredients gave to him by the Cenegenics system.

I write many negative comments, often I justify by hoping I am clearly identifying the problems, however when writing a book, this can cause problems.

Here in Sosua, Dominican Republic they give money for love, it seems like a good way to prove you love someone, money can buy love.

There are good Expat locations where you can rent a mail box, buy something with Amazon.com or Ebay.com and have it sent city to city.

Andrew the chief cook for the Hobo network of 100 Expatriate sites has devised a wonderful system for content management.

I pride myself in being a World Citizen, and knowing that a sophisticated, seasoned world traveler does not use slang, or colloquial English language.

A school abroad may have one American student, and no native speakers, yet they will portray they are teaching English classes, take extreme care here.

Can you avoid the traveler trolls, and make it to the other side of the bridge good soldier, a Spartan in heart.

You wish for or you are planning to get married in the Dominican Republic, read the following information.

Is it possible to find love in Philippines, Thailand or Dominican Republic or are you just buying a companion?

Help I fell down and cannot get up, I am a loser, send me an expert how looks like an expert until the placebo works.

1 in 50 American will live abroad in next 5 Years: I anticipate an explosion in the number of people who go live abroad, it has started.

There are many beautiful women in Sosua, who for a fee, a stipend, a small daily gift will take care of old men, a surrogate wife of sorts.

I love to research, and believe we have now created a way to collect information on the Internet simpler than Wikipedia.org.

Readers never stop, they want to know where paradise is for a crook to live, they want poetic justice, and they will not stop asking, they have dreams.

First we give thanks on thanksgiving, black Friday sounds rather creepy to a person that does now know the term.

It is impossible to avoid people thinking about buying things, but when you scramble the languages, if we live abroad it does slow the talk.