Help, I want to choose a great place to retire, I need to compare 100 cities, how do I find the annual precipitation for any city on the planet quickly?

Video of Julia a friend in Montellano, Dominica Republic deep fat frying Johnny Cake or Yonni K, maybe Yonni, looks like Elephant Ear.

This video show the gazeebo and gingerbread architctecture of the Central Park Of Puerto Plata - Puerto Plata Dominican Republic.

How I purchased USB wireless Internet access for a chip or modem in the Dominican Republic in February of 2012, Andy Graham Digital Nomad.

Shopping Sosua Dominican Republic, the store called La Sirena is 40 pesos away from Sosua in a Carro Publico.

Publishing a travel Blog has in many ways become a joke, the readers have stopped reading articles, they scan looking for reasons to leave.

The Introspective Life, I truly believe that goal driven people are unhappy compared to people with no goals.

This to me is an obvious universal truth, a concept that I would expect all adults to agree with, and children to have trouble understanding.

Video explaining the location for a good hardware for people living in Sosua, Dominican Republic and doing construction or remodeling.

Montellano, Dominican Republic had a rally to support opening the Ingenio to produce ethanol in the street in February, 2012.

Video fo the City of Parks --- Montellano Dominican Republic, the city has six park.

I would like to nominate the Dominican Republic as having the worst form of spoken Spanish on planet earth, it really is a separate language.

I was surprised to realize, even after 14 year of world travel, I still believe in people.

To live abroad is easy for the person who hoards money, is it possible for the average human to stop hoarding possessions and save money?

I stopped drinking alcohol 25 years ago, I have not drank or done drugs for 25 year, I am a grateful recovering alcoholic today.

There was a fire in Montellano on February 10, 2012 and the local people came from their houses at about 10:10 PM and doused the fire.

List of fuels for a cooking stove that can be used inside a Hotel room. This is information for backpacker who want to cook in their room.

This is about the same as a live television broadcast, we want to turn on the camera and show you live what is happening here in the Dominican Republic.

African-Cuban seasoned pig roast in La Mulatta , Dominican Republic I came accross this guy roasting a pig while riding my moto thru La Mulatta, DR.