Dominican Republic celebrates Independence from Haiti on February 27 1844 - Events in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Video explaining how the parade is about to start, and how AA batterie are better.

This shows how I tied the computer cord around a window bar to stop people from tripping over cord and pulling off the edge of wall.

Web cam today in Montellano, Dominican Republic of parade, I am not sure, maybe celebration of new biofuel place or carnaval.

SMTP is blocked, I cannot send emails: am accessing the Interent here in the Dominican Republic using a Claro USB Wireless Internet Modem.

My friend Rafael in Montellano seems to always want to sing while driving his Motoconcha or Motorcyle taxi, here is a video.

This video shows a Carro Publico or shared taxi that runs between Puerto Plata and Sosua entering the Puerto Plata airport to drop off a person.

I seem to be stuck at 180 pounds, and I keep dwelling on ways to get it drop.

A video of me, Andy, I went to a bridge on the edge of Montellano and explained the situation.

This video shows Chlorine, you know, the Chlorox bleach for washing clothes delivered to the home of residents of Dominican Republic.

Video of Antonio who pushes his car around Sosua selling fruit dishes. - Restaurants Sosua Dominican Republic

I need to buy USB Wireless Modem Internet Access so I can do a USA road trip in 2012, I am Andy Lee Graham of, 14 years and 90 countries.

This video explains the simple solution to mud, sand, and other off road problems when doing an overland Africa road trip.

I am making list of things to do for a USA road trip staring in March, April, May of 2012, it will be fun, Andy Graham 90 countries, 14 years of travel.

This is a rare and difficult to capture video of a natural human behavior by humans to follow another human for what I consider territorial marking.

Travel budgets have leaks in them, often what you do without thinking cost the most amount of money.

Learning words in Spanish or another foreign language is easy if you learn in a complex situation, like making a video of "Heads and Tails" in Spani

Real Travelers have a code of conduct, they feel compelled to share information, they know to not is dangerous and not in the spirit of travel.

I am told the cost of a Banana boat ride on Sosua Beach is 200 Pesos, about six USD, here in Dominican Republic.

This is a video showing the Ingenio or sugar cane plant that is now scheduled to be turned into a ethanol producing business in Montellano.