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The price of gas today is 3.71 per gallon, I put in approximately 20 gallons yesterday to set a new personal record here in April 2012.

I am driving a Chevy Astro Mini Van across the USA, I want to have 24/7 use of my laptop inside my van.

I accept that I am 100 percent American, and it is impossible to stop being what I am.

Rose Aimee Butler explains the African Suite in the LaSalle Bed And Breakfast in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Video of a man with brains, a simple, cheap way to have a solar shower while living in a van.

The LaSalle Bed and Breakfast or the Sion Bass House in Fort Wayne, Indiana is a great place for a romantic getaway.

Video Interview of Rose Aimee And Clark Butler Of Lasalle Bed And Breakfast in Ft Wayne, Indiana. Rose if from France, and Clark is University Professor.

Travel tip on laundry, I went to UPS and weighed some laundry.

Where Is Andy Graham? I went to a baseball came in Ft Wayne to watch the Tin Caps while living in LaSalle Bed and Breakfast. I am in Sion Bass building.

I walked into a small Midwest USA restaurant in Fort Wayne and tried to eat breakfast for two dollars. The easy price is 10 USD.

I am Andy Lee Graham, I have lived outside the USA for 14 years, I am doing a USA Road Trip, and maybe the goal is the Americanization of me in 2012.

I am immersed in the history of Fort Wayne, Indiana because the LaSalle Bed and Breakfast rents rooms in the old Sion Bass Family Home.

Video of my room, entrance, commmon area and bed in the historical LaSalle Bed and Breakfast in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

What is the best temperature for RV, Camper, SUV, Van, or Motor Home travelers for living?

I paid 425 U.S. dollars for a one-way plane ticket to the USA, it is nice be in the United States of America.

I Am In Fort Wayne Indiana March 2012 - Where Is Andy Graham

A person only needs 2 liters of water to bath, here is a video proving it.

The world is often ugly, for only one reason, the steel roof.

Travel Tip video explaining how a simple square knot allows you to know if they opened your bag.